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  1. Hello All, I'm currenly building up an old inspired console and cant help but notice the steerer length on the inspired forks seem particuarly long, and so require me to have around 35mm of spacers. Looking around at other consoles this appears to be the norm? As every other bike i've owned (trials and otherwise) had minimal spacers it looks strange to me. So just wondering is it that way to put the stem/bars in the correct place in relation to geometry etc? as it was clearly designed that way. Currently running 35 x 90mm stem and bars with a 2" rise. But have a set of 3" rise I could use. Thinking I could potentially cut the forks down - although would presumably loose the use of the screw in top cap and have to fir a star nut or similar. Currently waiting on my wheels to be built, after they are i’ll be able to try out different positions/setups.