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  1. Enjoyed it, alot. You are still the best. I really hope you can find a job soon.
  2. Happy with this move
  3. A few clips from instagram I made the song
  4. I got a new bike
  5. Nice
  6. Nice video. Oh.. The Bingo spot has changed a lot
  7. Instagram videos can't be embedded?
  8. Today I went to a nice spot to get a ride, I wasn't going to get any video but I found some palets and some other stuff and I just had a fun ride. I'm getting and feeling old and I can't go so big as I did years ago, but I'm glad I still can enjoy on the bike. I made the song too.
  10. Monty is out of trials and I don't know if the brand still exists, I think other brand bought Monty but I'm not sure. The official Monty factory/shop from Sant Feliu (Barcelona) is closed, and Cesar Cañas had to change the place of the school he had there for years.
  11. I really love your riding and of my favorite riders, great edit
  12. Awesome video! Nice to see Leeds in there hah, who are the riders? CLS Zoo! Video 28 (4 words) and Danny Mac (the funeral)
  13. I got a 16 with the rubik cube for the first time, surprised because I don't practice much