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  1. Riding was good, awesome drop from the rail no flatulence for you this time
  2. You have inspired me alot. Thanks VID_20191118_7683.mp4
  3. Happy with this move
  4. I'm wearing SuperBell for years and they are awesome
  5. Amazing video, i really enjoyed that, loved the sections and the riding, although i expected more of Ali's riding I would love to compete there someday, how many competitions are going in Shipley? Just 1 per year?
  6. Still a noob but getting better with my covers
  7. i see that trick quite stupid, but looks great for a circus show
  8. no matter how good he get, he will always be a copy of Danny
  9. Haha I will try
  10. 4 days ago i started to play drums, already in love