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  1. I just arrived to the Birmingham aiport and found this first time playing one of these
  2. Looks beautiful, good riding
  3. Should be awesome but the 22 I back to Barcelona, no time for a ride so far from Birmingham
  4. Hey, I'm going to Birmingham from 18th to 22th April. And i will try to go to London or Bristol for 1 day. Anyone for a ride?
  5. This is one of those videos to watch when you need motivation. Riding, music and edit were awesome
  6. Riding brakeless again, happy with the riding, I still remember it
  7. Today I got my first sub20
  8. One week ago I had one of the best days, going to Paris to see Mike Shinoda's show. First time seeing him in person after being a fan for around 16 years. 9 hours waiting for it definitely worth it, so I was very close of him. Terrible sound, sorry Papercut, one of my favorite songs At the end Mike was giving guitar "puas" (I don't know in English) and I got one!
  9. Yesterday I bought my first electric guitar, never tried one before but I'm already in love First day went well haha ...
  10. Testing this bar/stem combo today, feels awesome! I'm really impressed
  11. Deleted
  12. I got some new clips so I edited a little video with all together