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  1. Awesome, loved the line at those stairs (00:55) and rail line (02:13) was insane. Loved the music also
  2. Hey, I'm just planning my holidays for the summer, this time i'm looking for Scotland. Anyone knows some good spots and cities i could go to ride? Thanks
  3. Creative and some big stuff, really good clips, liked the lack of hops corrections in your lines. I really wanted a ride with you in my last trip, It is a shame i was there for just some days and i didn't have much time to ride in Birmingham and around, London and Bristol were my priorities... I was looking for coventry as i see you ride there often but i didn't find a train to go there..
  4. i started in the year 2000, i was 14, i enjoyed watching moto trials on TV and one day i saw a guy on a Monty 219 x Alp, i just loved that and my father bought me that bike. I've been in competitions for about 8 years then Craig Lee made me love street. Nowadays i ride in parks, street and some competitions, after 19 years is difficult to find motivation but using the bike as a reason to travel or cutting frames in half make me keep the love for this sport
  5. Happy with this
  6. I just arrived to the Birmingham aiport and found this first time playing one of these
  7. Looks beautiful, good riding
  8. Should be awesome but the 22 I back to Barcelona, no time for a ride so far from Birmingham
  9. Hey, I'm going to Birmingham from 18th to 22th April. And i will try to go to London or Bristol for 1 day. Anyone for a ride?
  10. This is one of those videos to watch when you need motivation. Riding, music and edit were awesome
  11. Riding brakeless again, happy with the riding, I still remember it