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  1. A perfect trial today, so happy with the first position and the riding, getting some really difficult steps pasar foto a jpg
  2. Nice ride at La Poma bikepark with Andrei , koekoek and some others...
  3. Electrical installations are a little part of my job for many years, I hope this can help you. As my English is not that great, I'm not sure what you want exactly but I did this. There are 3 single switches, 1 per light. If you want other thing let me know and I will do another drawing
  4. So nice, loved it
  5. I still prefer my game!tREnAKqb!765KTxMsXJFL6Q_4uzR2ysU3zXIKT3-EHapbZYaghdA
  6. Awesome riding Surprised you have not had problems of copyright with that song
  7. Hahah xD
  8. I think this is your best video, loved it, music, riding and edit was really relaxing and enjoyable to watch
  9. Thanks for the comments, I feel better now.