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  1. Thanks I got my best today
  2. Still in one piece, such a nice guy
  3. I met Kevin Liu today
  4. My first time...not Linkin Park BUT... So excited!
  5. 3 days ago a friend lost his drone when we were flying, we looked for it for 1 hour and I went there again the next day 1 hour more but it was really difficult to find in the forest... But today I found it
  6. I started to play the guitar some months ago, I'm enjoying it but that's really more difficult to play that the piano. I'm playing (trying) fingerstyle songs, but I may be interested in electric guitars in a future... This is my guitar, I don't think it is a very good one but looks good to start...
  7. Did you get it to work?
  8. Enjoying so much flying my drone again after a while... Anyone else flies racing drones?
  9. Impressive riding as usual
  10. A perfect trial today, so happy with the first position and the riding, getting some really difficult steps pasar foto a jpg
  11. Nice ride at La Poma bikepark with Andrei , koekoek and some others...