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  1. i see that trick quite stupid, but looks great for a circus show
  2. no matter how good he get, he will always be a copy of Danny
  3. Haha I will try
  4. 4 days ago i started to play drums, already in love
  5. Hahah. I think it is about the hate his boyfriend feels for me
  6. Well, you blocked me on Instagram with no reason
  7. Getting better with my covers
  8. Enjoyed it
  9. Looks so fun! Good skills!
  10. Awesome, loved the line at those stairs (00:55) and rail line (02:13) was insane. Loved the music also
  11. Hey, I'm just planning my holidays for the summer, this time i'm looking for Scotland. Anyone knows some good spots and cities i could go to ride? Thanks
  12. Creative and some big stuff, really good clips, liked the lack of hops corrections in your lines. I really wanted a ride with you in my last trip, It is a shame i was there for just some days and i didn't have much time to ride in Birmingham and around, London and Bristol were my priorities... I was looking for coventry as i see you ride there often but i didn't find a train to go there..
  13. i started in the year 2000, i was 14, i enjoyed watching moto trials on TV and one day i saw a guy on a Monty 219 x Alp, i just loved that and my father bought me that bike. I've been in competitions for about 8 years then Craig Lee made me love street. Nowadays i ride in parks, street and some competitions, after 19 years is difficult to find motivation but using the bike as a reason to travel or cutting frames in half make me keep the love for this sport
  14. Happy with this
  15. I just arrived to the Birmingham aiport and found this first time playing one of these
  16. Looks beautiful, good riding
  17. Should be awesome but the 22 I back to Barcelona, no time for a ride so far from Birmingham