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  1. Xbox Series S/X is much better than Ps5 but seems people keeps buying more PlayStations
  2. Joacim Nymann has some big taps on Instagram
  3. Not yet
  4. 2 days ago I've got my first tattoo, really happy with it, so much pain though
  5. My old Marino has come back to me First ride today
  6. Some clips I've filmed at the local trials park. I made the song too.
  7. I enjoyed it
  8. Very happy with this one. After 20 years riding trials I still feel I'm getting better I made the song too.
  9. when i watch his videos i think: ok, he is really good, massive moves and sick control of the bike, he did really impressive things... But i don't have the same feeling and motivation as when i watch Carthy or Rolls...they make me want to ride my bike, Sergi no
  10. It was so unexpected for me to see you on a 26"!! Nice video
  11. Hey, i can't travel this year because of the Covid, I'm looking for 2021 but I'm going to Leeds. Thanks anyway
  12. Hey, I'm just planning my holidays for the summer, this time i'm looking for Scotland. Anyone knows some good spots and cities i could go to ride? Thanks
  13. Some clips from today's ride. I made the song
  14. 1 hour ride with Dima after 2 years (he moved to Mallorca), so good to see him again.
  15. Thanks
  16. Happy to be on a bike after 5 months
  17. So good! Enjoyed it
  18. .
  19. .
  20. "So here it is!! SRT - Uninspired in Barcelona Earlier this year Alex Dark, Ben Lazenby, James Bragg, Shaun Goddard & myself (Ryan Brian) spent 5 days riding in Barcelona. This is the end result! Enjoy!!"
  21. Loved it
  22. Loved it! Still one of my favorite riders! I remember when we met at Sabadell some years ago, i was so stoked to see you there! So unexpected! So good to see you still riding these days!