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  1. Simple question, I don't have the ability to try both them, so I was hoping to get some opinions. I was thinking Shimano becuase it would be easier for me to get parts, plus I already have a Shimano SLX brake system. I just want something with a lot more bite and stopping power. The slx slip too much. I am 200lbs as well. Thanks
  2. Yeah that is what I was hoping, I was just making sure I could go with a lower width tyre if I needed to. Cheers Thanks, I was thinking about getting a pair of those as well, I was most just making sure i have other options if I needed.
  3. I know this is another really noob question, but I am not able to find the answer anywhere. I am riding a console 2015, and right now i have Maxxis Holy Rider 24" x 2.4. I want to get another pair of tyers, but it is incredibly hard to find maxxis holy riders in stock, I have found other 24" tyres but they are like anywhere from 1.85 to 2.20 width. What is the size width of tires I can run? or does the width even mater and it is just about the size of the tyre? Thanks.
  4. Thanks! I went with an inspired Console 2015! it had a few dents, but it didn't look major there was no pain chips or anything of that nature. Hopefully she will serve me well.
  5. Hey everyone, I am thinking of picking up a similar bike and was wondering what a good price for the bike would be? Any help would be great! Cheers.
  6. Hey everyone, I am happy to see that there is still a trials community! I use to ride trials at a time when we turned old MTB bikes into trials bike, grinded / bored out rim, lock out our derailors, pretty much had to build custom bikes or get a monty.Anyways now that I am 32 and 200lbs I thought it might be a good time to get back into trials lolHowever, I would appreciate some advice, which bike to get now!!! I have a budget And I think I have a a few choice,Becuase (new) (new/used) Inspired (used) I am leaning heavily on the "because" bike because of the cost and it looks decent, but I really no nothing about trials bikes anymore. I would love and inspired, but it would have to be used as I don't really have the budget to get a new one. What at is the opinion on the because frames? I can't find too much on them.Looking for more of a street trials bike over a pure trials bike. I won't be doing anything big, just small tricks. Any advice would be awesome! Thanks.