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  1. Love that bike, looks tight.
  2. Very nice! I like her.
  3. Used but new to me Arcade. Like it so far very much. Beginner trying to get the basics down.
  4. Hey CW u bet man!
  5. Ended up with a well used Arcade but for 800 USD shipped I thought it was a fair deal.
  6. Which one did you get?
  7. As a fellow beginner I might recommend a street trials bike. I started with a pure 26" trials bike and it's OK but a street trials bike feels so much easier to progress on. (just my experience, someone else may have the opposite viewpoint)
  8. Man at 30, you're like a Toyota with 1000 miles on it. Just getting started!
  9. Is a manual especially difficult on a pure trials bike? (GU 26") Should I learn when the 24" arrives? Can't seem to even get the front wheel up past a second or two. But I am a beginner and do pretty much suck at everything anyway.
  10. Thanks Mark, that's good info. The Skye I'm considering is a 15 I think.
  11. Helpful info thanks PMK. I think I'm leaning 4-play or Arcade. Considering a Skye but would hate to feel cramped on a bike of that price.
  12. I'm considering both of these bikes right now. A used Skye or a new Arcade Pro. Both approximately the same cost give or take a few bucks either way. Wonder if I lean toward the Arcade if the Skye is a tad cramped...I'm sure I'd be thrilled with either.
  13. Cool, thanks Ross
  14. Thanks Ross I will check that out, much appreciated.
  15. Going from a GU 26" that I could never quite get comfortable on. Maybe the geometry isn't suited for a beginner like me. Looking to change to a Street trials 24". Considering an Ozonys Styl, a Because or Czar. Marino I have seen but not familiar. Would consider an Inspired too if the price and condition was right. Looking to spend 1200 USD or less, give or take. Any tips on choice appreciated.