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  1. I've had good luck with taking a micro torch to the disc and pads to burn off any crap.
  2. Good stuff. Liked the fall into the stairwell.
  3. What a great resource for the local trials community!
  4. Old school.
  5. @MadManMike You may be able to drill out the knob and fit a new threaded sleeve, aluminum stock, or a helicoil.
  6. Crankcase (500cc) should be moto 10w-30 and the other is for the 2-stoke oil injection. Like Dazza said you can eliminate the injection and just run pre-mix. The injection works pretty good when fully functional. It was a similar setup on my 72 yamaha R-5 350cc two stroke. But yeah this place is for pedals mostly! I hope someone didn't put ATF in there but hey, you never know. I would do a few rapid oil changes if that's the case!
  7. What a stand up dude. Nice to see him back at it.
  8. Working on my new meets old street setup. Can't wait to ride this one!
  9. Hey guys. I just wanted to throw this out there. I took a chance on the answer 810 protaper handlebar (4 deg. upsweep x 8 deg. back @ 3" (76.2mm) rise). The numbers are close to the inspired arcade riser and I couldn't justify paying over $100 US for one in the states. The answer protaper 810 was $60 shipped from amazon and is very close to the same geometry and total rise. I guess we'll see how it holds up in the coming weeks!
  10. Super clean riding! Nice edit and agreed, no music is great.
  11. I Ended up going with the steel bead der kaiser 2.5. Seems to be one of the favorites in 26"
  12. Nice job! I'm about to do this myself.
  13. I'm not sure where to start.......
  14. I love it! Nice spot.
  15. I started on a small frame MTB (in the 90's) myself and eventually moved to a trials specific frame (monty x-alp mod). It was like night and day. If you want to progress, there will be many hours spent on your bike learning balance and what may seem like small moves. My feeling is, the sooner you can do that on a bike with geometry specific to whatever type of trials you plan to ride, the better off you will be. On the flip side, skills like balance and other non-bike specific stuff will carry through to any type of biking on any frame.