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  1. interesting so possibly these were made specifically for monty bikes by magura a kind of oem spec brake for monty completes?
  2. Any retro trials gurus able to help me out with some info on these? brought them a while ago but wanting to know more as i've never seen a set like them before. Not sure if they are special edition off a monty complete bike maybe seeing as the hoses are a clear blue colour stamped monty pictures here
  3. anybody got a set of old pace forks suitable for this kicking about anywhere? knew i'd struggle to find some but not this much usually someone hiding some in an attic haha
  4. maggie mounts swell rather than v mounts
  5. wow thats very cool must be a prototype model??
  6. i believe from the catalogue images i have seen the rc30t forks are correct to go with my frame but there were 2 slightly different versions from 98 to 99. after that there were a later set which were welded which went with the later powder coated red frame
  7. dude thats awesome hit me up!
  8. So i finally got my hands on my dream bike from when i was a spotty teenager growing up riding trials! And to say its in good condition is an understatement pretty stoked right now and excited to start collecting bits. I've been following my dreams and ticking a few things off the last few years one being starting my own mtb specific shop based in norwich 2 1/2 years ago which is going well so figured it was time to find my unicorn bike frame number is T7092 which from the pace serial numbers thread over on retro bike is already on there previously owned by spitoon i'm planning on a period correct build using as near mint parts as i can source which i know is going to take some time and effort and eventually this will hang somewhere in my house pride of place! anyone able to help me identify if its a 98 or 99 model as i want the correct forks to match but the later 99 model i believe had slightly different crown to the 98 version. if anyone has anything kicking about that they think would be suitable for the build then please comment or get in touch. I do have a few bits already and a few wishlist parts which are listed below but i'm open to other ideas if people have something suitable GOT Middleburn rs7's roox dannys frd stem Chris king ti headset mavic d521 cd ceramic rims pace carbon front hub WANTED pace rc30t trials forks 98 or 99 tbc? brakes? hope disc c2's sport levers? azonic double wall bars? irc el gato tyres? grips? roox seatpost x lite crank caps and brake blanking bits? saddle? If anyone has any extra info that would be awesome going to drop pace an email see if they can help in any way with anything also Cheers guys