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  1. He sent me a bunch of pictures. A lot actually talking around 50 - phones suck sometimes haha. Hope these help with figuring out everything.
  2. Found some old pics of my bike that is stuck in Wales For the nostalgia of course!
  3. I would love to shop around but I'm in sweden atm, up the north at that, so I don't think there is a trials bike within 100 miles of me haha. Dude doesn't really know what it is, he bought it second hand for training. I'm asking for more pictures so we can maybe try and figure it out. It has Zoo! handlebars and I think those are hs33 levers from 2005-2010 somewhere there. He thinks it's a 2004 echo pure, I honestly have no clue. I will get more pictures this evening.
  4. Hey everyone! I'm voidy, I used to ride a giant team trials bike about 14/15 years ago. A lot has changed since then. I've been looking to get a new bike and found an echo for sale, but I don't know anything about this bike. It feels like a pretty good deal, but it could be a really old version. Any help identifying this bike would be greatly appreciated, any tips when asking about it even more so. It's advertised as an echo pure, seems to have maggies on the front and back. It's being offered for around 240GBP or 260EUR. Would love to know what year it's from, what it's worth, if it's worth getting at all. Thanks again, love the forum! /Voidy