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  1. Thank a lot for your answers, This brings me to the decision of moving to trials bicycles soon. Now I need to decide what type.. I tend to more of an urban trials.. though I'm not sure.. I really like the rear wheel hops style.. Pedal kicks so.. Maybe this is more of pure trial bicycle?
  2. Hi, Well, I discovered this beautiful sport very late (I'm 40), anyway, I started watching videos and implement stuff outside with my old Giant MBK. Trackstand, Hopping, Bunnyhop, Endo, Stairs riding, Wheelie etc. I am into it for a month now, and I can feel the Bicycle are not really design for it, My question is at what stage should I consider buying Trials bicycle? how will my progression in real trial bicycle be reflected compare to the regular MBK? I am working on wheelie for a long time now and the progression is poor. Can I do 'rear wheel hop' in regular MBK if I am far from being a pro? Every training session feels extremely difficult (i am in pretty good physical shape, I am bouldering regularly and riding bicycle to work) Thanks in advance for your comments and sorry for the long story. Eran.