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  1. Not a shimano, but ill go with a hope 200mm trials rotor then.
  2. I think the bolt will hold better than it looks. The wheel is spinning very bad, i dont think i can do that. I found a shop in switzerland, they have a 173mm hope rotor in stock: https://www.trendcycles.ch/shop/shop/Bremsen_HOPE_Ersatzteile/Bremsscheibe_HOPE_Trial_Zone_173mm/de/2/1722 Can i use this? Its 52 Euro without shipping :/ Another alternative is, i get myself a shimano IS to IS adaptor for a 203mm rotor and than install a normal 200mm rotor.
  3. Ive tried the trick adam has written before. Filed some shimano disk adaptor bolts down. Now the rotor clears the Caliper ever so slightly I'll go for a test ride tommorow and see how it works.
  4. Okay thank you. So my rotor an caliper are matching. Ill try to file down the bolts a little, and see if this does the trick
  5. Oh sh... This could be the problem I bought the bike 2nd hand and had an 180mm hope rotor installed. How can i tell what type of caliper im running? there is only the Hope icon and a 3 written on it. And of course, no one has a 175mm rotor in stock
  6. what is a Gromit? Like a bushing?
  7. I measured the dropouts, and its about 10mm. The 2 bolts, wich will be screw from both sides a slightly smaller , about 9.8mm. I think it the right size. I tried today layering some small metal plates in the dropouts, now the rotor isnt touching, but it is hard to get the wheel in and out. To alignin the brake caliper then is a tough job
  8. Ill try the trick with some metal layer in the dropouts. Thank you for this info guys
  9. Okay, thank you. Ill try that. But why is that? Is the frame bent or something similar? Bought the Bike 2nd Hand though. Im playin with the idea of buy some Postmount brakes..
  10. I've added another pic. Its the space square to the axle. I touches the top of the Brake caliper, so the wheel cannot spin if the axle is fully up to the frame.
  11. Its an Shimano IceTec 180mm. Its exactly the size of the Hope Tech Trial 180 rotor i was running before. (same issue here)
  12. I got a Problem with the Installation of the rear axle on my inspired Fourplay. I install the axle, so it sits tight with the frame. (I litterally sit on the bike and tighten the axle, with both wheels on the floor) The problem is, when installed this way, the brake rotor interferes with the brake caliper vertically and i cant spin the wheel. If i loosen the axle ab bit on the nds and move it a bit further down, the rotor is free. (See picture) But im unsure if the wheel sits secure then... Inpired Fourplay 2011 Hope Mono Trials brakes with 180mm rotor (IS-Standard mount on the frame to IS-Mount on the Caliper.