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  1. Update: bb was dead
  2. Hi! I was wondering what tyre pressure everyone riding with drilled rims. I have an Onza Zoot and around 30-35 psi the OEM rim tape is already "threatening to come trough" the holes.
  3. the bb cup seems tight (dont have a proper tool to check yet but its more than hand tight for sure ) i've ridden a couple times with it so it feels okay. Only the gear ratio (18-14) feels too light after my BMX (26-9 ) so might swap for a 18-12 setup as riding to spots really takes so much effort now that i dont wanna go "far" and as a street trial bike it should be okay i guess
  4. the spindle trough the BB is what moving. the bearing itself and BB shell seems to be stable in place but the drive side of the spindle is moving a bit.
  5. There isnt any spacer between the cranks/bashring and freewheel as the original setup didnt have either so when i assembled i kinda followed the original ones build. Now i realized that the original freewheel was a bit wider, but as i dont have a vice, cant take off the freewheel (its stuck already) even though i have spacers now. The movement is not so big, its actually 1-2mm maximum. Barely visible on the cranks itself, more on the chain tightness.
  6. Hi! I have two questions First i'd like to get some help identifying my forks. (1st and 2nd pic) (also guessing its a 26" fork by the size of the gap) Second, when im just rolling the bike beside me, the cranks are spinning. I have a fixed on the back and a brand new jitsie 108.9 freewheel on the front. The crank bolts are as tight as anything but still there is a ~2.5mm gap between the bb and the freewheel 3rd pic) .Tried to put spacer in between but its like the freewheel getting smashed and get hard to spin the cranks. Could it be the BB? (there is a bit of movement on the spindle, and the bb seems tight) Sorry if the questions seems stupid, never had anything like this setup. Im good with bmx build and maintance and just learning this now. Thanks