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  1. Yes, that'd be mine! Was gonna post that up but forgot So glad I went with bolt through just because it looks so clean! Hoping to run without a chain tensioner, which I should be able to do with 22t/15t since it's Arcade chainstay length (364mm) so should look super clean when it's built up. If the website said 3-5 months I'd still have ordered from him, and if the quality is there (which I don't really have doubts about) then I'll likely order another frame from him, just this time I'll know not to worry about the timeframe!
  2. Yeah, I'd imagine mine has slipped between the cracks and just got lost in amongst the other frames he's doing. Anyway, got an email yesterday from him apologising and double checking what colour I want the frame and forks, and he's said he'll ship for free and put in a free headset too, so hopefully it should be shipped out soon. Unfortunately I'm taking on a work contract next month which means I'll be out of the country until November so I'll have to wait until then to build it up and ride it. Thanks for the help guys!
  3. Thanks Ross! That must be a hell of a jig to take 3 months! Anyway hopefully this will shift things along a bit. Still heard nothing via email, hopefully hear something this week or I’ll have to send another and try Facebook too. Didn’t realise he had a bit of a rep for not communicating unfortunately, the two pictures I’ve seen look good which makes the wait even worse.
  4. Hi guys, I ordered a Marino frame and forks some time ago and was just wondering about the length of time other people have waited for theirs. I ordered something similar to an arcade, but with through axles front and rear and clearance around the chainstays for a Hope crankset, so nothing massively custom. Anyway, after some emailing I sent a deposit over at the end of January, nearly 5 months ago, quite a bit longer than the 1-3 week estimate on the website! After I sent the deposit I waited through February and didn’t get any updates so emailed in early March and had no reply, then sent another email a couple of weeks later and he sent me a picture of the frame which was more or less done. Heard nothing more so sent another email early April and he sent another picture of the frame with seemingly no more work done, saying the axle for the fork was coming that week and it’ll be built ASAP. Heard nothing more so sent an email nearly 3 weeks ago asking for an update, again heard nothing more so I’ve sent another email and I’m just waiting on a reply to that. Is this normal for a Marino build? I was looking forward to getting the bike and the two pictures do look good but I’m getting close to the PayPal dispute deadline and wondering if I’ll ever get it and whether I should just bail out now and try and get my deposit back. Like I said, the website says 1-3 weeks for a custom build, I think at the time it said 3-5 weeks, it’s now getting on for 5 months. Cheers
  5. Hi guys, just wondering what the best rotors would be to use with Hope Trial Zone calipers? Running Magura Storm HCs at the moment and the pads are taller than the braking surface of the rotor, so they’ve actually bedded in part of the rotor arms as well as the actual braking surface. Are the Hope Trial Zone rotors my best bet? Had my eye on some Shimano XT RT86 rotors but think I may have the same problem. Or does it not particularly matter?