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  1. Hey looks like your after carbon so this might not help much but i run disc and rim up front on an echo urban fork. Small rotor, cheap light disc brake but tnn greens on ground rim. Small weight downside to this but i never look at downhills and think 'walking now' or any dodgy line for front moves and think '999 on speed dial, check!'
  2. I feel you man here's why: I'm a short arse and wanted to ride stock but my leg size means i was only just short of getting my hips over the rear hub. So half linked chained it and and have ugly shin scars from snap chains. Larger sprocket on back but brake was off the rim. Next one worked for me but being on a mod i dont think it will for you. Anyway i used 17t jitsie freewheel and one tooth smaller sprocket on back was nice as hell but i needed to use shorter cranks(leg size) after a while. Lastly in desperation, because of shorter cranks needing a lighter gear(17/15) but slammed wheel while maintaining rim alignment i got a trialtech sprung tentioner and a 'Y' mech hanger grinded down to match axel spacers, fitted that and thats me for the last 2 years. It works but needed a little bravery to trust.
  3. Hello all So i settled on disc front and maggie back for trials but hate levers not matching across the two brake systems. Here's my attempt at getting a bite point on trial zone same as my trialtech rim brake, used 12mm m2 bolt with 3 m2 spring washers and clamped an old chain plate to the lever and reused the original torx bolt with m2 nut to fill the plates other hole. Before i try it on a new system and ride can anyone think of any improvements?