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  1. Aaaahh, I get you now. Thanks Mark and Adam for explaining that. I can imagine pulling my hair out with it slipping in the vice. Very clever solution to that, you guys have obviously done a few of these
  2. Excellent video guide, didn't realise the amount of torque required but I suppose we're constantly beating down on it clockwise so it gets pretty tight, I take it people don't need locktight on the thread for that reason. I've been watching a few of these TartyBikes guides for other bits, hadn't seen this one though mate so thanks, looks relatively straight forward with a beefy vice and a bit of chain. Thanks again Mark. Tony.
  3. Yes I definitely have a FFW on my Zoot, I'll try removing the screw on rear sprocket, I've never took one off but I'm just as interested in getting into the technical side of working on the bikes so it'll be a learning experience and I'll probably need one of those cassette removal tools with the bit of chain on it.. One of the lads I MTB with should have one if I don't want to buy one. Like you say though, if it's stuck on there I can always buy another sprocket. Thanks for the input Mark, all you guys seem really helpful, seems like a great community here. Tony.
  4. Yes, I'll have a dig around at other hubs now I know about the fittings, Tarty's Trialtech one is on order but that's no problem as I'm taking my time to plan the shopping list and grab the bits and bobs needed hopefully at a reasonable price. Thanks again man.
  5. You're point about the fixed sprocket and ratchet on the crank is exactly where the uncertainty is for me. Thanks for the info, very helpful.. I've got the brakes and rotors. I'll do some more research and have a look at that Trailtech rear disk hub and once I've sussed it out, I'll repost to update on what I end up doing just in case it's helpful. Cheers!
  6. Hi, I've been searching the forums for an answer but couldn't find it so here's my question.. I want to move to disk brakes on my zoot so was hoping to find an easy straight forward solution. I'm new to trials bikes and was a bit confused with crankset and didn't want to buy something incompatible with the bike. So.. If someone has successfully converted their Onza Zoot to disk brakes and wheels and can point me in the right direction (hopefully not too expensive) that would be very much appreciated. Cheers, Dj.
  7. Know what you mean with the kids etc.. Missus is pretty good with me so I normally get out every weekend on one of the bikes. Anyhow, I'll continue to practice the basics, I'm progressing well and I hope to get out and meet up when I've improved a bit. Cheers!
  8. Hello there, I found this forum on't tinternetz and thought I'd come in and say hi, just bought my first trials bike a couple of months ago and can't wait to get into it. I ended up buying an Onza Zoot from a really nice chap in Matlock Derbyshire, thought it might get me started, it's a 24" with a couple of upgrades but nothing too special. I like it though. Coming from MTB, I thought trials would complement my trail riding skills but I gotta say, the more I ride the Onza and the more vids I watch and tricks to learn, I can see myself getting a bit addicted to this. I used to love BMX as a kid, skateboarding as an adult and always loved the street sessioning. I'm a bit old for starting this but hey, if it helps my fitness and I enjoy it, what the hell. Anyways, I'm gonna have a read through the forums now and I hope to see some of you out there some time to show me how it's done. Peace!