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  1. I've been doing 180 hops BMX style (turns out it's one thing I can still do on a bike reasonably well!), and I'm not far off 360s. After watching Ali's unwritten rules video, I tried the opposite bitch crank method to see what the fuss was about, and just cant get it! I guess it's easier if you have trials background, rather than BMX... Awesome video @aener.
  2. Far too much of a newb to be of any help about bikes, but liking your video!
  3. Take the caliper off, and get someone to spin the back wheel while you hold a file on the edge of the rotor. Take off just enough... Still a bit of a bodge, but safer than filed down bolts...
  4. Adam, Would hope knock out a one-off custom rotor if required? Probably the best solution for Hoba if it's possible...
  5. Mono Trial disks can come in 175mm. Are sure the calliper isn't designed for that size rotor?
  6. For a more long term fix, go to a local engineering shop and see if they can lathe the disk down a few mm. Not sure if it'll work with an icetec rotor though, it may de-laminate... Just thought, are you sure you have the right size axle/bolts in the hub? Like having a 10mm bolt in if the frames designed for 12mm...
  7. Cheers Josh. I'm kicking less now, so hopefully will get better with time. Still a long ways to go though! Getting the hang of up to front, then swapping to back. Still having to do a longish endo then a small kick once the rear touches down, so no chance of doing it on anything thin yet.
  8. Be interesting to see what Inspired say about it this time.
  9. Hi guys, Been enjoying the Arcade, but due to darkness and wetness after work, I've been just working on the basics on the drive. Got a few questions if anyone can help. When doing static back hops, should I be doing a small pedal kick? I can only do more than a few if I pedal kick, but then I'm not really staying on one small spot... Next, I've been learning to trackstand, then go straight to back wheel, but land the back wheel where the front was. Also trying to use as little movement in the back wheel as possible so I could do it starting with each wheel on separate rocks etc... Should this be a pedal kick and an English type hop in one movement, or should I get well up on the back wheel before the kick? Guessing an arcade's gearing may make this harder than on a full on trials bike... Lastly, any tips on going front wheel to back? I can just do it, but my back wheel is miles off where my front wheel was. I just cant generate any more forward movement before the back wheel touches down. Cheers in advance for any help! Steve.
  10. I like the 3 logos really, but only if they line up! I don't have to worry about that as much. Been riding a park this morning, the arcade really zips around! Probably 10 years since I've rode a ramp, manage a back wheel tap on a 4ft quarter, and a 180 thing (back wheel on the deck, front wheel on the transition - don't remember what its called!).
  11. My new Arcade. Really nice frame colour and finish. Hopefully I'll be able to do it a tiny bit of justice in the future. Lots of hours practice ahead for me! Only real issue I have is the grips, they're rock hard! I've got some other grips to try first, but I'll try some of the trialtech foam grips recommended on here if I still have issues. Cheers, Steve.
  12. Hi everyone. Just saying hello. I got my first trials bike yesterday, a shiny red Arcade from Tarty Bikes (Great service!). I have a background in BMX, although I've only rode xc mtb and road for the last 10 years or so. This morning was my first ride, I found a quiet spot on a closed road with kerbs and some half meter high concrete blocks. Supprisingly, I seem to have remembered a lot from my bmx days, although I wouldn't call any of what I managed smooth or controlled! I need to build a lot more strength and control.. I managed to trackstand (do this on the other bikes anyway), trackstand to rollback into trackstand, 180 endo and 180 hop to rollback, rockwalks, a few 10m ish manuals, pedal to blunt and pedal to fufanu (spelling?) on the kerb, also managed both without peddling, and managed a series of back hops from one kerb to the other. Was getting to grips with hops to front on the kerbs, and eyeing up the concrete blocks... The fun was cut short when the big callus on the palm of my right hand ripped off. Guess I just have to be patient and wait for my hands to toughen up! Was a great couple of hours riding (bit sore now though!), still hope to get back out tomorrow. Hopefully will be picking up some good tips from all you experienced riders, I need a lot of help! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Steve.