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  1. Thank you very much. Its going to be hard to look at it too much before buying since its on the oposite part of the country. However i got a lot of images of it and it looks ok.
  2. So im going to buy a my first trials bike. Im a little over 180cm. Should i go for a longer or a shorter wheelbase?
  3. Hi guys, so i suddently got the urge to try out trials biking. Im buying a used bike because of budget. I already have a long background of xc mountainbiking and a bit trail. My two options are monty 219 mag and monty 221 ti. By the pictures it seemes like the 221 ti has a slightly longer wheelbase. I want to ride some street trials but i know i wont be doing any fancy pancy tricks. I'l just learn the basics and play around. (Red one is 221 and silver one is 219) the 219 also has a lot of upgraded parts and comes with some extra shit. (Dunno if that makes a difference) Edit: i realized just now that i posted this on wrong thread, sorry for that