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  1. I don’t think there’s another rider out there who is able to be that stylish while doing moves that technical. Mind boggling!
  2. The thing I’m questioning is how good is that bashguarg and is it really worth about 70 quid? I know that they have improved the strength in the updated version but it’s still aluminium and I wonder how long it lasts before wearing down (from the chain). Also it can’t be rotated like a 4 bolt chainring so you get lots less life? I’ve never used one though so they could be excellent.
  3. Hello, I'm in need of new cranks as i've got fed up using ISIS BB with separate cranks. Issue i have is i've got the inspired console which has a very small space for a chainring and crank clearance is pretty poor with the frame. Anyone with this bike who could tell me a good option? I looked at sram GX which seems great apart from needing a £70 chainring from inspired (is that worth it?). Then the inspired bmx style cranks seem good but they are a lot. Could i use BMX cranks, odyssey thunderbolts mabey? Mabey saint cranks? Any race face options? In terms of gearing ratios i could go up to a 26 on the front (assuming clearance is okay) then 18 or something on the rear (currently 22:15). Thanks very much!
  4. Very nice despite the fact your missing some crucial headgear. Like the song as well, reminds me of this...
  5. Don't worry Mike, their all just jealous. Wish I was #8494414 in the world. Although, as mentioned previously, you could easily half that number if you put a pair of tits in the thumbnail. Just a thought... (I have no idea why 'Muslim funds and stocks' is being advertised)
  6. Fair play Mike. The inspired test video was actually alright. Huge improvement over the previous anyways, good job. Intro was still a tad long for my liking and a few shots were quite shaky but, it was watchable. Stick a helmet on though eh?
  7. I would say go for a street trials, reason being, it's a little less 'full on' and you will probably feel more comfortable on it coming from bmx/mtb. You can then do the streety stuff and also still do a bit more trialsy moves. You can always sell it down the line and buy a full comp bike if you decide thats what your into. If 600 is your budget then probably go second hand as you generally get more 'bang for your buck', although it can take a bit of time to find the right one as it isn't that big of a market. 24 or 26, as Ali C has shown, it really doesn't matter. As for brands, I would go for Inspired, just because they make really solid stuff and they are just a good company. Basically its about deciding what you want to do and getting a bike that will suit.
  8. Despite me riding street stuff and not really having an interest of the comp side of things, I watched this video a while back and still really enjoyed it, It had a story, a lot of content and was well put together. It isn't really clickbaited, has not got idiotic music and mostly, it had a point to it. I'm not saying recreate it, but take a leaf of of this book.
  9. Did you watch this back and think, yep, I've really done well there? Try making a video that you put effort in to and that you really believe is the best you can make. Even if it gets a single view, at least it would be decent and you would be pleased. And don't try to be like other people you see. Cut the clickbait, cut the trash music, add more than one trick per video if its going to be 7 minutes and just be a little more humble. Or keep doing what you have previously done and upload all the remains of a nasty curry scooped out the toilet. Up to you really.
  10. MAGURA - A while ago I bought MT Trails which are basically MT5 and MT4's. These with ice tech 203mm rotors (4 pot rear, 2 pot front) give pretty decent power, especially with some jitsie/trialtehc pads on the rear. Personally I haven't had any problems with them, and I quite like them at the moment, so much so that I bought another pair. For about £140 for a set I think they are some of the best. Also they have the HC lever stock which is nice feeling and I think more powerful? HOPE- Before the maguras I had hope trial zone with both 180mm v1 rotors and 200mm v2 rotors. These brakes were very good, lasted well and were solid. However at about twice the price of the maguras wasn't convinced. Also I didn't like how the lever hit against my handlebars as they were chunky as. Also DOT fluid is (supposedly) nasty stuff. Mabey with the trials levers instead of tech 3 I might have got on better with them. Shimano - On my enduro which I recently purchased, I've got saint m820's. These feel very nice on the lever and have a LOT of power. However they have the 'long lever' problem like the hopes so I don't think they would suit me on the trialsy. Also I've heard of people snapping the callipers on the newer saint. So, personally, ill stick with magura at the moment, but if I do break one I might go to shimano and try to find an M810.
  11. Yeah, as Mark said, I’ve heard of a few that don’t allow them due to a ‘safety issue’ or some bulls**t like that.
  12. Looks sick. Do they allow disc brakes in the skate park? Moving there for college in a few weeks and i would love to go but i thought it is worth checking beforehand.
  13. So I got the MT trails (The cheaper ones) with ice tech 203mm rotors and hope adaptors. Been running them for about a month now with the 2 pot on the front and 4 pot on the back. Overall i'm pretty impressed. They have great modulation (as do the hopes) and decent power although not as powerful as my hopes, they are much more consistent though. The feel is great, not getting any sponginess. Also much better pad clearance than the hopes which makes a huge difference when rolling about. I just wish the rear (mt5) had a little more bite so i may switch to magura race pads or some EBC's to get power levels equivalent to the hope's, and failing that, i may go to an MT7. The biggest difference i found was the levers. The feel is similar but they are so much less clumpy. The hope ones used to scratch up my bars (where the hose joined the lever) as i run them pretty steep but the maguras don't go anywhere near which makes me more comfortable ditching the bike in crashes knowing that it will just spin, although it is plastic so may be more likely to break. Also worth noting the maguras came with 4 spare olives and inserts and a decent sticker pack. The hopes may do as well but i got them from tarty as an add on not as a complete product. Magura Pros; Easy to bleed, use mineral oil, much cheaper initial price, much cheaper spares and more compatible, less clumpy levers, consistent Hope Pros; Incredibly bite and hold, Stronger levers (apparently), supports UK manufacturing, customer support, bite point adjustment So, yeah, both are great. Conclusive, I know.
  14. Ive got a hope tech 3 trial zone plus 200 rotor and adaptor that I'm selling. Asking £125 for it.
  15. You can do pretty much anything on any bike, it just comes down to personal preference. Considering your height, a 26 might be better as you will probably feel more comfortable with the slightly bigger size, although due to the geo of the bikes its not that different to ride (so ive heard), but yeah, if i were you, id go 26.