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  1. Cheers guys, just bought a couple to swap out the broken one and got one for the other brake aswell to even them out. Left a big hole in my bank account but hopefully will be worth it...
  2. Hi all, Broke the lever blade on my magura MT trail (MT4/5) a couple days ago and wondering what to do. I know this isn't an uncommon thing but I like the maguras and don't wanna go to shimano. My main question is about HC3 levers on the cheaper magura brakes. Basically, does it work? I've heard people saying there is a bit of flop in the lever when they do this, is this massive and is it a problem? At some point I want to go to MT6 and MT7 but sadly don't have enough cash to do that at the moment. HC3 levers are like 20 quid more than HC's so if it will work, i might go for it. Thanks.
  3. Stick with the MT7 and get an SLX or MT6/4 for the front. Dont know why your keeping different mineral oils for magura and shimano, it doesnt make any difference if you use their own branded one or not, all brake mineral oil is pretty much the same.
  4. I'd just buy a new freewheel at this point, save a lot of time and effort. You could spray some WD40 in the freewheel, lean it over and spin it. See how much crap drains out and just keep going until its coming out clean. I used to do this with freewheels and then put some wet lube or a thin grease in it to keep it going.
  5. I assume so, unless they have used some super metal then the smaller surface area is probably going to wear out quicker. Although, goes back to their thing about pawl flex so maybe when a few engage it equals out to the same (or more) surface area than another hub. As for if it did skip, my money would be on total destruction of both shins and teeth. There's no way it could engage again with such a small contact area. Although, I could be (and often am) very wrong. What does their warranty cover? If you ride it a few times and discover the pawls are wearing, can you get a new hub for free?
  6. Hopefully they will be nice and send you some. Be interesting to know what’s it’s like and see if it is worth the enormous price difference. I think that’s how it’s looking at the moment. After all, Pro 4’s are pretty flipping good at what they do.
  7. I think the idea is, with more, smaller ratchet points, the flex will be less as they will flex and engage quicker than in a larger ratchet design which would require longer travel distance before the ‘bite’. Same thinking with having all ratchets offset instead or in pairs or triplets, one will engage and that will be the starting point for another 3 or so to flex and engage. I think it’s a good idea as it is taking advantage of the inevitable flex that is usually bad but is being put to use on this system. Although, as you said, for high torque loads I wonder will it jump and skip. Would definitely be interesting to hear someone riding trials with them to give a bit of an insight. If only there were cheaper...
  8. If you could get a really good chain tension and then that hub it must feel amazing just to have that almost instant engagement. Yeah, that is maybe a concern, also the ratchet ring bit doesn’t have very sizeable teeth so I’m not sure how much torque they can be put under.
  9. I've always gone with Pro4's over i9 based on the price and the fact that there isn't really must difference besides a few cosmetics. However, if this system comes out in a SS option that is strong enough for trials then a change may be in order, despite the huge price. 690 engagement points?!?!
  10. Stick your phone against a wall and film the drivetrain as you jump on the front pedal. Then you should be able to see what is messing up, if not, post it on here and I’m sure someone will spot what’s up. Even if you think it is the freewheel it’s worth checking to avoid wasting money on parts you don’t need.
  11. Meant to post this ages ago when I got it built but forgot. Here is my lovely console which I have painted to match a few little spots (pedals, grips, nipples, a few bolts). Got pro 4’s laced to spanks (no surprise there) with Conti tyres. Standard arcade bars and the steeper trialtech stem. MT4/5 with HC lever matched to 203mm ice tech rotors (jitsie pads in the rear). Crank bro’s stamp 3 just as it is the biggest platform I could find. Only thing different from the pictures is I’ve gone to raceface cranks instead of these holzfellas. I’m super happy with it, rides lovely! Take a look. There is also a tensioner on it, bit of a bodge job there but I have revised slightly since.
  12. I had a similar problem with a old bmx frame that had pretty thin worn out dropouts. I just found a washer and stuck it between the dropout and bolt to space it out a bit (as you said you could put it inside the droput if the fork is flexing inwards alot when tightened, just make sure there is still a bit of axle in contact with the dropout or your wheel might fall out). You could also take a file to the hub axle and shorten it up a bit which should work fine and may look a little neater.
  13. (This one is a bit old) Sure, you could find similar articles about energy drinks, but the number of people it is effecting is no way near that of smoking.
  14. 1vs1 After 1 can of red bull; in 10 minutes your heart rate and blood pressure will rise as caffeine is absorbed into the bloodstream. 1/4 to 3/4 hour, you will reach peak caffeine levels which raise alertness and concentration. 30-50 minutes, all caffeine is absorbed. Liver absorbs more sugar into bloodstream. After about 1 hour you sugar crash and caffeine wears off (although sugar crash not with sugar free cans, obviously) you feel tired. After 12 hours the caffeine is gone for most people. For people who drink lots of it, 12 - 24 hours they may feel withdrawal symptoms so get irritated, headaches and constipation (UNLIKELY FROM ONE CAN). SUMMARY: Increased short term concentration and alertness. Mid term - sugar crash and tired. Long term - Not a lot. Now let's look at one cigarette. After one puff, the smoke affects how your body breaks down fat. Heart rate increases, and you may experience acid reflux. This then blocks absorption of Vitamin C and E and folic acid leading to weak and depressed feelings. As soon as smoke reaches your nose, the hairs 'freeze up' and mucus builds up leading to headaches and increased risks of illness. As soon an nicotine reaches the brain, it represses emotion, sense of direction ect. Then there's the obvious about addiction and cancer, you get the point. SUMMARY: Similar effects of red bull can PLUS addiction, brain damage, acid reflux, depression, emotionless, confusion, vulnerability to virus, cancerous, harming others around you, and just bad breath. But as you said, we're not discussing that.
  15. This conversation is getting ridiculous. There is no way that a can of red bull is as damaging as smoking, or ruins (and ends) anywhere near as many lives. Sure, if you drank 50 red bulls in a day your body would likely give up, but nobody (almost nobody) does that as red bull itself is not addictive, caffeine is maybe but no way near the addiction levels of smoking, or as damaging. If smoking was put to WHO as a new concept nowadays it would be laughed out of town. Red Bull does go through health organisations and passes. Hench why is it a legal requirement to warn of death when you buy tobacco and smoking products and not a can of red bull. Smoking causes mutations and f**ks your body up for a long time. Red bull doesn't as long as its in sensible amounts. Same as if you drank 50 cups of coffee a day you would likely be quite ill, or ate 50 bananas, or run 50 miles. Things that dont negatively impact you in small amounts, become lethal. Also red bull, having caffeine, will likely improve your body's feeling of energy and reaction so will help in the short term with sports. A cigarette will raise your heart rate as well, but also mess up your breathing and fill your lungs with all kind of carcinogenic crap that will severely impact your athleticism. To be honest, i'm not really sure why smoking is legal at all, something to do with tax and money probably but that's beyond me. But yeah, not comparable.