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  1. (This one is a bit old) Sure, you could find similar articles about energy drinks, but the number of people it is effecting is no way near that of smoking.
  2. 1vs1 After 1 can of red bull; in 10 minutes your heart rate and blood pressure will rise as caffeine is absorbed into the bloodstream. 1/4 to 3/4 hour, you will reach peak caffeine levels which raise alertness and concentration. 30-50 minutes, all caffeine is absorbed. Liver absorbs more sugar into bloodstream. After about 1 hour you sugar crash and caffeine wears off (although sugar crash not with sugar free cans, obviously) you feel tired. After 12 hours the caffeine is gone for most people. For people who drink lots of it, 12 - 24 hours they may feel withdrawal symptoms so get irritated, headaches and constipation (UNLIKELY FROM ONE CAN). SUMMARY: Increased short term concentration and alertness. Mid term - sugar crash and tired. Long term - Not a lot. Now let's look at one cigarette. After one puff, the smoke affects how your body breaks down fat. Heart rate increases, and you may experience acid reflux. This then blocks absorption of Vitamin C and E and folic acid leading to weak and depressed feelings. As soon as smoke reaches your nose, the hairs 'freeze up' and mucus builds up leading to headaches and increased risks of illness. As soon an nicotine reaches the brain, it represses emotion, sense of direction ect. Then there's the obvious about addiction and cancer, you get the point. SUMMARY: Similar effects of red bull can PLUS addiction, brain damage, acid reflux, depression, emotionless, confusion, vulnerability to virus, cancerous, harming others around you, and just bad breath. But as you said, we're not discussing that.
  3. This conversation is getting ridiculous. There is no way that a can of red bull is as damaging as smoking, or ruins (and ends) anywhere near as many lives. Sure, if you drank 50 red bulls in a day your body would likely give up, but nobody (almost nobody) does that as red bull itself is not addictive, caffeine is maybe but no way near the addiction levels of smoking, or as damaging. If smoking was put to WHO as a new concept nowadays it would be laughed out of town. Red Bull does go through health organisations and passes. Hench why is it a legal requirement to warn of death when you buy tobacco and smoking products and not a can of red bull. Smoking causes mutations and f**ks your body up for a long time. Red bull doesn't as long as its in sensible amounts. Same as if you drank 50 cups of coffee a day you would likely be quite ill, or ate 50 bananas, or run 50 miles. Things that dont negatively impact you in small amounts, become lethal. Also red bull, having caffeine, will likely improve your body's feeling of energy and reaction so will help in the short term with sports. A cigarette will raise your heart rate as well, but also mess up your breathing and fill your lungs with all kind of carcinogenic crap that will severely impact your athleticism. To be honest, i'm not really sure why smoking is legal at all, something to do with tax and money probably but that's beyond me. But yeah, not comparable.
  4. No one asked, but here's my opinion. The way I see it, their main purpose (one would assume) is to sell drinks to profit themselves, but is it? They spend thousands and thousands on video projects to stick on youtube as what; an advert? publicity? or just because they are supporting high level athletes mastering their craft and they want to share it?. I may be naive in thinking this but i do genuinely believe that they are trying to support extreme sports and show off some incredible humans. Bringing it back to trials, the sole reason I got into trials was after watching Way Back Home 8 or so years ago and I was hooked. Since then I've kept at it, its led me onto mountain bikes and now its safe to say i'm an addict of the whole sport (apart from XC, don't like lycra ). Athletes such as Danny, Gwin, Finn Iles, Fabio, Richie Rude, Semenuk ect have continually given me motivation to ride and keep pushing myself to get better at the sport I love. Since seeing that video years ago i have bought a single can of redbull, I drank half of it (if that), didn't like it, threw it away. Haven't even considered buying another despite the fact that my 'heroes' and people I look up to are all supporting that brand and possibly drinking it. When I see a red bull helmet I dont think 'ENERGY DRINK' I think more that there is someone who is pushing the sport. Also think about how much that one company has done for the sport, televising world cups, hosting huge events, producing mind boggling videos and just generally pushing extreme sports forwards. To do this though, they do need money so im not going to complain if they take 2 seconds out of a video to advertise that. So yeah, that's my two cents.
  5. Okay, I would say you should probably go for a ISCG one if your running 30t. I always think that the plastic ones will just break and an alluminium one would look pretty dinner plate like at that size unless you get one of the half and half type ones. Out of interest, how does it ride on trials stuff? I wouldn’t have thought a 4x bike would suit it but I’d be interested to know.
  6. What bike is it? Got any pictures?
  7. Do you mean just rear wheel hops, or pedal kicks? If its rear wheel hops then do you find your jumping backwards with each hop? If you learn to pedal kick it helps a huge amount with backhops as it means you can adjust your stance and stay up for longer, else just keep practicing. If its pedal kicks then it's all about timing to start with. Try to balance on your back wheel for a second or two without the rear brake, then do it again and again. This will give you the confidence to release the brake and put in a crank to propel you forwards. Then work on body position and movement and you will be doing it nicely. If you could give slightly more detail then it will be easier to help, but sadly with trials, it's all about putting in the time over and over again until you learn it.
  8. I don’t think there’s another rider out there who is able to be that stylish while doing moves that technical. Mind boggling!
  9. The thing I’m questioning is how good is that bashguarg and is it really worth about 70 quid? I know that they have improved the strength in the updated version but it’s still aluminium and I wonder how long it lasts before wearing down (from the chain). Also it can’t be rotated like a 4 bolt chainring so you get lots less life? I’ve never used one though so they could be excellent.
  10. Hello, I'm in need of new cranks as i've got fed up using ISIS BB with separate cranks. Issue i have is i've got the inspired console which has a very small space for a chainring and crank clearance is pretty poor with the frame. Anyone with this bike who could tell me a good option? I looked at sram GX which seems great apart from needing a £70 chainring from inspired (is that worth it?). Then the inspired bmx style cranks seem good but they are a lot. Could i use BMX cranks, odyssey thunderbolts mabey? Mabey saint cranks? Any race face options? In terms of gearing ratios i could go up to a 26 on the front (assuming clearance is okay) then 18 or something on the rear (currently 22:15). Thanks very much!
  11. Very nice despite the fact your missing some crucial headgear. Like the song as well, reminds me of this...
  12. Don't worry Mike, their all just jealous. Wish I was #8494414 in the world. Although, as mentioned previously, you could easily half that number if you put a pair of tits in the thumbnail. Just a thought... (I have no idea why 'Muslim funds and stocks' is being advertised)
  13. Fair play Mike. The inspired test video was actually alright. Huge improvement over the previous anyways, good job. Intro was still a tad long for my liking and a few shots were quite shaky but, it was watchable. Stick a helmet on though eh?
  14. I would say go for a street trials, reason being, it's a little less 'full on' and you will probably feel more comfortable on it coming from bmx/mtb. You can then do the streety stuff and also still do a bit more trialsy moves. You can always sell it down the line and buy a full comp bike if you decide thats what your into. If 600 is your budget then probably go second hand as you generally get more 'bang for your buck', although it can take a bit of time to find the right one as it isn't that big of a market. 24 or 26, as Ali C has shown, it really doesn't matter. As for brands, I would go for Inspired, just because they make really solid stuff and they are just a good company. Basically its about deciding what you want to do and getting a bike that will suit.
  15. Despite me riding street stuff and not really having an interest of the comp side of things, I watched this video a while back and still really enjoyed it, It had a story, a lot of content and was well put together. It isn't really clickbaited, has not got idiotic music and mostly, it had a point to it. I'm not saying recreate it, but take a leaf of of this book.