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  1. Well sounds quite interesting. But what about that brace / adaptor idea? There are a few of those around like this one : My idea was to make something like this but way more tough somehow since it should be able to take the trials abuse.
  2. That was my idea. To make a brace that has a contact point to the frame near the cantis or something like that. Yep thats a peg but that's not my bike. But thats a pretty interesting idea to run pegs on a street trials bike!
  3. Hi there. I noticed there are two weird holes in the dropouts of this frame. Do you think It's possible to use these for making a disc brake mount? If not. What's their purpose. Because I don't think inspired would put a thread in them for nothing.
  4. Ok thanks for the advice. So I'll keep my eyes open for maybe some second hand inspireds!
  5. Ok I think I´ll stick to the trials forks then. The reason I was thinking about going for a bmx fork is that here in germany trials parts (not even thinking about Street-Trials parts) are way expensive and super rare. And I didn´t hear anything negavtive about the latest echo urbans. Or does someone know if there are trobles even with the brand new model? And thanks for the answers!
  6. Hi. I'm planning to build up a 24" street trials bike and currently thinking about the forks I want to run on it. I had a look at the echo urban forks and they seemed to be my choice. But then I thought of the 24/26 bmx bikes and now I'd like to know what the pros and cons for running a bmx fork on my bike are. (And btw. I don't care about weight. I'd rather have a very strong bike than a light one that breaks under my weight.)
  7. Hey. I´m Stephan, 16 years old and from the super warm and sunny germany. I got addicted to bikes very early since my dad used to be a dual slalom racer. That´s why I had my first little dirt jump in my garden which I already jumped on my little kid´s bike. Also my dad took me to my first bike park when I still rode that small little bike. Since then i went through MTB, a little trials, two years of BMX riding to finally end up on a 2014 Bergamont Kiez dirt jump bike that I like to ride most of the time. But there has always been that wish for a 24" street trials bike. And after riding one about one month ago I just need to get one. So now I try to get one built up untill the next season starts. That´s all for now and hello to all forum users who read this. So have fun riding and don´t get hurt