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  1. It’s gone through now man. Sorry about the initial mess up.
  2. Donated what I could dude. It’s not a lot but it’s better in their pocket than me spending money on scratch cards I will not win on lol. I wish them all the best. EDIT: It has just declined my donation, I will try again.
  3. £9000 Ono for the JDM, £5250 Ono for the K24
  4. I currently have two EP3s, one is a K24 Frank, and the other is a completely OEM Facelift JDM. I’ve taken up trials again as a hobby, since trying to be an adult has made me be more conservative with money. Both for sale if anyone is interested :’) as we will be moving to a bigger house soon(ish) and will need the money! Only have a pic of the JDM one:
  5. Thanks. I did think Adamant was around 60mm BB rise, I’m surprised I remember haha. Funnily I’ve just found an Adamant A3 frame (Long) for a good price, and am going to build a budget bike up too. That’s the shape T-Pro I used to have too, my first bike back in the day. Yeah, the top cap is an angled one, I couldn’t find a stem that was any longer than the one I have.
  6. Nice one It all makes sense logically. I need to find a suitable stem, and a different set of bars and have a play. Just being back on a trials bike feels weird, so I’m trying to make it feel ‘normal’ before getting completely involved lol.
  7. Hi all. Ive recently bought a Rockman Manus, after stopping trials since 2009. I wanted to ask if people could give some insight into geometry, as opposed to height (I’m 6ft). I believe the bike is 1010mm WB, +80mm BB rise, the stem is 150mm with 30° rise, but I am unsure of the cranks length - they are ISIS Try-all silver cranks if that narrows it down. I feel quite cramped whilst on the back wheel. I never had this issue before and I’ve always ridden mods (I used to ride a T-Pro, and then an Adamant A3). I assume that a longer and higher rise stem would help rectify this, although I cannot find any, due to the fork tube being cut angled, and cutting this down to make it flat would be counterproductive for what I’m trying to achieve. I think that different bars with a higher rise and tilted forward could also help, although I am not entirely sure. Other than changing the frame, are there any other things that can be altered beforehand, and how does BB rise effect the feel of a bike, as I’m sure my previous bike never had +80mm rise. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hey everyone. I’ve recently bought an 20” Echo Lite, with dual Echo disc. Personally im not a fan of them. When I used to ride I had a BB7 on the front, and a HS33 on the rear. I just wanted to see if BB7s are still good quality/ highly rated (I liked the modulation and adjustment on them); or if BB5s are a good alternative? I also wanted to ask if the later (2014) HS33s are also good, as I only ever used the older generation ones. Thanks in advance.