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  1. I would definitely agree about there being an issue with pad clearance (although it wouldn’t be if I was better at sidehops) They have some pretty impressive stopping power although the lever feel took a few rides to get fully used to. The lever may be metal but there is still a slight amount of flex in the lever body. Picture attached is an example of my questionable sidehop technique.
  2. Thanks for the tips! I’ve managed to get the first one out. It was sitting very slightly proud of the hub, but not enough to grip with mole grips/pliers. I used a very small chisel and a hammer and managed to slowly tap it round enough so that I could get the mole grips to grab it. will most certainly need to drill the other one out as it is sheared near the bottom of the hole.
  3. About to go for a ride and noticed the rear rotor was really loose. Turns out that two of them have sheared halfway down meaning I can’t unscrew them. Whats the best way to try getting them out?
  4. Liked that opening tyre tap to manual!
  5. Found out what the issue was today whilst trying to bleed it again. It appears that the lever body has a leak Is it worth contacting Maugura even though I purchased this second hand? And does anyone have any temporary fixes that might work until a new brake arrives?
  6. I’ve ordered some more oil so will try giving it a proper bleed again which will hopefully sort the issue, if not I will get myself an MT2 lever. cheers for the help guys!
  7. I’m having some trouble with my front brake. It’s a Magura MT5 calliper with MT6 lever body. I’ve bled it and immediately after doing so, went for a ride and it was feeling fine. However when I went out yesterday it was incredibly inconsistent, going between working spot on and just pulling right to the bars with no power. Does it just need a better bleed or could there be another issue?
  8. The manual line at 7:30 was seriously cool!
  9. Haha, I hadn’t really thought about that. When it first started rusting it did look pretty cool, almost like a marble effect underneath the laquer. I think since I’ve put the effort into making it shiny I should now try and learn how to ride jumps properly haha
  10. Would like to but it is almost impossible to remove. Previous owner had it fitted with a shim and I can’t shift it :/
  11. It still has a few slightly messy bits left on it and the Owatrol has dulled the mirror finish down quite a bit, but overall I’m really happy with how it looks now compared to when I started!
  12. After more sanding I’ve managed to get most of the frame down to a near mirror finish. Quite a contrast compared to how it was when I started. I’ve coated the frame with some Owatrol rust inhibitor to hopefully stop it getting into that condition again and should have it built back up tomorrow.
  13. After the first hour or two of sanding I had got the head tube and down tube mostly cleared of corrosion revealing a Blkmrkt logo I hadn’t even realised was there.
  14. I’ve had this 24” black market dirt frame for quite a while and the laquer had started cracking a while ago letting the steel start to rust underneath. It didn’t look too pretty.
  15. The deep blue from Imaginate