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  1. My experience with a zoot matches what you have heard large crack around both sides of the seat stay/seat post welds. Although I did enjoy riding it up until then.
  2. I’ve been using the latest inspired bash guard on my bike for the last year or so without any issues. However I purchased a new one to use building up my new bike last month and after just a couple of hits there is now a bend in the chainring meaning that the chain won’t flow through smoothly. just wondering if anyone has had similar issues and if it should be fine just to attempt bending it back into shape? Cheers.
  3. I was riding a 160mm on the rear with mt5 callipers and trialtech pads for the last while Very rarely had any issues with a lack of power although I wasn’t doing anything too big and don’t weigh much either.
  4. Will be interesting to see how it rides and what they can cope with. Seems really short!
  5. Next round of the Scottish series will be held at Newcastleton on the 1st September.
  6. Next Round will be held at Newcastleton on the 1st of September.
  7. It is looking like it’s going to be a wet weekend. I would do but unfortunately I’m also unable to make it to this round...
  8. It hasn’t been mentioned on the FB group at all so i’m assuming they’re just going with pay on the day. I’ll post a link up here if there is one though!
  9. Third round of the Scottish championship is to be held at the Falls of Dochart in Killin. Details will be confirmed on Friday 14th as if it’s too wet then it has to be called off.
  10. Was just about to put this in here! Some really fun looking lines in it.
  11. Getting the same on my phone.
  12. I’m lucky enough to have plenty of street stuff to ride just outside my house. Also got a quarry within 15 mins ride that’s got a lot of good rocks as well.
  13. Decided to take the camera out on a ride a couple of days ago. Need to work on doing the rotation drops but I’m pretty happy with what I managed to film even though I snapped another chain! Thanks for watching!
  14. Been getting quite a few punctures recently and wanted to check the rim. Noticed that one of the spoke holes isn’t the way it should be and I was just wondering what would have caused this? I’ve wrapped some extra rim tape arround in case that was what was causing the punctures so hopefully no more for a while