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  1. I have just been through the first video a couple of times, thank you, as a newbie I like the "what not to do aspect" & the progressive approach, Please keep these videos going,
  2. Wonderful eloquent post by Mr ben_travis, thank you. Please check out this video on youtube, I love my fat bike but need to acquire some trials skills, this is my goal. This has the potential to become a new Canadian winter sport. So I have purchased a set of shin pads online today. One of the overlooked benefits is that if you brush across some porcupines while trying out a move or two on a trail, then you will have some additional quill protection. (I wish my dog would learn to stay away from these animals, but somehow she always found them irresistible) Yes, respecting the older riders is a good thing, I should mention that I am 65 so am a little late coming into this sport & am curious to see how far I get. I am still not sure what I am going to do when I grow up, but that is a discussion for another time.
  3. I am in the process of getting my first trials bike (stock) very soon, & am a total beginner, learning the basics, located in a trials desert wasteland (Ottawa Canada). So I need to get some to get some kind of leg protection. At minimum I am going to get some shin pads & maybe a knee pad Here are my questions. 1. Is the knee pad necessary. 2. If I go with both a knee & a shin pad, then how about "leg-armour" combined knee & shin pad vs individual items 3. Anybody have any purchasing recommendations. And before anybody starts telling me that pads are for wimps, don't bother because I am definitely a wimp.