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  1. Ist was so obvious that Danny will lose.
  2. So strange to read your words, dude. This Clip is so amazing and here in germany are so many guys whatching all of your Clips with open mouth. No minute was wasted time but every second is pure inspiration and motivation to get back on the bike. You are a beast and please finish your clips with a nice round number. Maybe we could say 200 is a lovely number!
  3. Sorry for the delayed Post...but i was pretty sure that someone of you guys would post it.
  4. @DavetrialsI prefer another brandnew bike and girl Video: Special AndyT Warning: "DONT OPEN IT!"
  5. Berlin Trials Cup changed to an official UCI Trials Worldcup and will take place at 13th & 14th October 2018. https://trialscup.de/