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  1. who is FYI and what is his yt channel name
  2. hi i have been riding trials for a few months now. im 14 y/o and 1.7 m and i still cant manage to do proper rear hops, does anyone have tips for me? i'd really apreciate it! thanks
  3. hi got a question so far i have never seen a real trials rider around The Hague, only ones i saw a guy on an Inspired. so if you are from the netherlands or coming to it please message me thxx
  4. Hii little question, is it possible to weld a saddle to my bike and would it be usefull?
  5. Wait are you dutch, welke provincie, want maybe kunne we dan een X samen riden want er is niemand die k ken bezig met bike trials.
  6. Yeah i know him but he doesnt live near me
  7. Hii are there any riders around The Hague? En voor als nederlanders dit lezen. Laat ff weten als je in de buurt van Den haag woont
  8. Hii got a question. Has anyone tips for me, i'm 14 years old and i started doing trials a few months ago. But i kind of struggle with rear hops and other stuff. If anyone has a tip please let me know
  9. okay thanks AndyT i dont want to ride street trials, just normal trials.
  10. Thanks. And i actually really like the paint. And do you mean the czar fram of the street trials.
  11. I made a deal with the seller. Now its 175 for the whole bike
  12. I don't know if there is still a big production of it. I found only one website that selled the frame
  13. Im paying 250 euros for it and its second hand. Its isnt used much.
  14. Hi evryone i got a question. I am going to buy my first trial bike. And i want to know if this bike is good. Its a koxx xtp frame