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  1. Hi all. I've bought a bike that has been spray painted black, but I would like to restore the original paint. I've tried to use acetone so far and although it's pretty fast to do I am having issues with removing it where the bike was scratched. Can I sand it down with 1500-2000 grit or what's the best way to get the job done? Any better alternatives to acetone? Thanks
  2. New bars in and set vertically (115 rise and 750 width). Feels ever so slightly better than with the steerer tube extender, but at least more safe now. Still feels like I'm too cramped (particularly in lower back). Bunnyhops/manuals are just slightly easier to pull, but still difficult, so I think a different stem is a must (current is 90/35). There were some suggestions, but perhaps my new position on the photo will bring up other recommendations? Would 150/35 perhaps be an overkill? Thanks Edit: Cranks are 175mm and got 20mm of stackers.
  3. Oh well then, I'll put on the bars without the extender and see how that feels. The bars will already have 75mm more rise than the current ones, so then just need to probably sort out the stem
  4. And I thought I'm crazy that i wanted to do this sort of adjustments! I've just ordered TMS V3 bars (115mm rise and 750mm width and same geo as the arcade bars), so will see how that feels with the steerer clamp (mine gives up to 75mm extension - which I hate the look of, but better that than sore back) and I'll post a picture for some more advice. Thank you so much everyone
  5. So I found this steerer tube extender in my shed and used an online stem compare tool to find out that at the highest position of the extender the geo should roughly be the same as high riser bars and 110x35 stem. Massive improvement in feel, but worrying thing is that it still feels a bit cramped... What do you all think? Am I too tall for trials or what!?
  6. Ali, longer stem as in 110mm 35 degree or different? Tom, I thought that as well. I will shorten it soon, but I've not even had the bike for a week yet, so first just trying to make my riding position comfortable
  7. I know I do haha! Forgot to mention in my post (added now) that I'm 6ft 5in...
  8. Hi. I got myself a used 26inch inspired flow and I don't feel like the position is good for me. Looking at the attached photo do you think a high riser bar would fix it or do I also need a longer stem and if so how long? I've got 35 degree 90mm stem and truvativ husselfelt comp bar not sure about the rise though. I'm a total beginner, but can tell the bike feels good on the back wheel (better than my XS frame mtb), but it's totally horrible for Bunnyhops. Can't even do them anymore Edit: forgot to mention I'm 6ft 5in
  9. Sooo... I've not really done much riding last year, but have been riding a lot the past few weeks and really got into just practising the basics and not giving up even though im seeing little progress. The issue im having is that the bike still definetely feels too small. Bars-bb difference is now 720mm which helped a lot, but i just went to check the reach as per tartybikes website and its just 380mm! This is not much bigger that the inspired flow 20inch, and miles short of the arcade/hex which are the recommended bikes for my height. Ive just ordered steerer tube extender, but sure how much this will help. Can anyone recommend what else i can do to feel more comfortable on it? Or is the only way to use that steerer tube extender and like a 150mm long stem? This the bike:
  10. Oh my god! I have just installed the 110mm 35 degree Stem yesterday and what a difference it makes! It's like a new bike. My front wheel comes up so effortlessly compared to old Stem. Thanks for the advice guys!
  11. Thanks for your reply Sandbugg. I think I might go for the BBB brand 110mm at 35 degrees. Seems like a solid product and if its slightly too long I can always tilt my handlebars backwards (currently vertical)
  12. Thanks dk2 for your reply and advice. I have decided to upgrade my Stem, and found these three: 90mm 35 degree 110mm 35 degree 90mm 40 degree Any advice which one best to go for if I'm 6ft 5?
  13. Hello to everyone! I will get straight to the point. My name is Axel and I have just started my first proper season with Street trials (although I have wanted to try this for long time now) on the attached 24inch bike. I had to change gearing to 25/16 as it was 36/16, but apart from that it's all stock as I bought it 10 years ago from Halfords and now finally I will put it to some real strain testing I am enjoying a lot learning both trials and Street riding basics, but the only thing is that I feel very bent and too much over the handlebars (almost like if I was stretching to touch the ground). Geo is roughly 405mm chain, 980mm wb, bb 15mm? Stem is around 60mm with 10-15 degrees rise. Problem might be that I am 6 ft 5 (!). Would changing the stem to let's say 90mm and 35 degrees solve this or only help slightly? If it helps, difference between bb and bars is 660mm. I saw a thread somewhere that a guy of 6 ft 2 was running at 720mm, which makes me think this is why I feel so uncomfortable on the bike and my back kills me all the time. Appreciate any tips Axel