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  1. Hi. I've been into Rampworks near Liverpool and Ramp 1 in Warrington on a street trials bike recently. Both have street sections which had enough to keep me happy for as long as my body could take. I'm fairly beginner though and not sure how much would be there for good pure trials riders. Graystone in Salford looks good online, but I haven't been in yet. M
  2. Can't believe it was 5 months ago that I posted this! Despite 3 months out of action with torn knee ligaments, I'm now starting to pedal kick around quite nicely. Definitely left foot forward - whether this has anything to do with my right leg being the injured one and being really weak I don't know. Anyway thanks for the advice chaps! Cheers!
  3. Cheers Ali, I'm going to have to work on being able to get some power through that left foot then whilst keeping some semblance of balance! Ta
  4. Hi, I'm starting to learn some basic trials moves coming over from a mountain bike background. I've realised that in general I ride with my left foot forward doing stuff like trackstands, bunnyhops and trying to learn manuals. But as soon as I need a pedal input like trying to do pedal kicks I want my right foot forward. This feels all wrong at times but trying to do anything with the other foot forward feels really awkward. Will I get away with it as i learn more stuff or do I need to force myself to change to get used to having the same foot forward for everything? Cheers