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  1. Not bike related... Anyone play ARMS on Switch?
  2. Update time. After nearly a couple of months of riding the echo and starting to get back into some sort of groove with back wheel stuff, I decided I really missed being able to do simple stuff like even a bunnyhop. Could not get that damn front end off the floor while rolling worth a damn, and when I did I ended up landing hard on the front and hurting my wrist. So I've counted the echo as a learning experience and jumped on the inspired wagon with a fourplay. Patiently awaiting delivery, hopefully this week. @Liam85 I haven't ignored your offer, just waiting to get a bit more practice in! Also bought a spin bike to try sort my fitness out and drop some lbs, since that's what's holding me back the most so far. Anyways, enjoying the forum, shame there doesn't seem to be many people riding nowadays. Take it easy everyone.
  3. Oh man, I've had a read through a few of these posts and it looks like I'm not alone being over 30 and practically a beginner. Haven't really touched trials since I was 17, and just took delivery of an echo pure mk6 today. Gotta say it's a beautiful thing. My brain still knows what to do but my body is a bit rusty, but the bike just felt great and natural after half an hour of gasping for breath trying back hops. Certainly not as graceful as I once was heh. Anyway, I'm glad to be back in the hobby. Anyone in a similar situation local to Yorkshire?