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  1. Nice, that’s a 20inch right? What are your plans with it? Remember seeing these at the Nottingham RedBull Bike Battle back in the day, was nice to see a steel 20inch trials bike
  2. This isn’t the one I saw! That’s a beaut! Not a mount in sight! Orange components looks sweeeet!
  3. I’ve seen that grey zoot - looked ace! A lot lighter in colour than mine though! Yes I’ll be chopping the seat post out and putting the inspired one on from the diamondback when I’ve ridden it a few times. Also need to make sure the seat clears the tyre. Yes I’ll remove the pins from the mounts for vee’s but keeping the mount on there incase the disc mount cracks. And yes well spotted mate - Santa Cruz black pro 2 hubs was thinking all black for this if sprayed - here’s another I saw in black and I love it:
  4. Next up I added a spank single speed 13t sprocket on the rear, the beefiest chain I could find and some MT5’s with trial tech pads in the rear. initially I ran the front brake through the head tube, took it out for a spin and realised I had a problem with the original open bearing headset. So swapped it for the hope one off the diamondback. Pain in the backside as it meant I had to re-bleed the front brake! Ah well! also changed the plastic seat which was very uncomfortable to an old DMR padded pivotal - it’s torn but I like the look haha. I did buy the brakes with 203mm rotors, but they will be going on my enduro rig from which I’ve pinched the 180mm rotors I might go down the route of getting it all sprayed, but for now I want to ride it!
  5. Yes I’ve seen a few that have broken, to be fair through I’m 32, not looking to do huge stuff anymore, for me it’s more about simple stuff that feels good on the bike! If you like build threads you should check out my Ashton ET build one, a lot more detail
  6. Next up the bar and stem... took those off the diamond back along with the Ashton forks... oh and a lovely wheel set from @Ben Davies DMR DeeVee rims on black hope pro 2 hubs. Also later converted the rear hub to 14mm bolt in - works a treat! already starting to feel more my kind of bike!
  7. I’m not a huge fan of front Freewheel’s, so opted for a screw on fixed sprocket and a new bash from Tarty, looks a bit cleaner
  8. Having built up my Ashton ET, I thought I’d look for something with a bit more trials geometry... and a rear disc mount. Still steering clear of Inspired at the moment. Ended up buying this from this very forum as a starting point: The 4 bolt mounts on the forks had been hacked back - I intend to finish this off nice and smooth, the rear chainstay/wishbone support on the frame had been cut off to allow for the rear disc calliper to fit - and these frames don’t fit particularly large callipers anyway. I continued to look for something else to help with the Frankenstein build and found an Onza Zoot - a mate of mine recently bought one and I really like the way it rides so I went and met the guy selling this one - top lad and it had been well looked after:
  9. @Herbertlemon102 haha thanks mate, the house comment is even more relevant as I’m a residential surveyor by trade! Also agree the two jockey wheel set up looks better (a decent little pressie from the other half for chriatmas!) I’ll be taking off the chain stay protector, just want to make sure the chain doesn’t hit the frame!
  10. Absolutely beautiful, totally agree that it was under rated. Looks like a dream to ride. Nice work!
  11. Here she is complete with stickers, managed to get a cheeky little indoor skatepark ride in today - was so much fun, rides pretty well on the ramps.
  12. @Ross McArthur On holiday now mate, will get some pics up when I’m back - thanks again for the advice on running the headset through the top cap, ended up getting a medium star nut from tarty and it works a treat
  13. Managed to get out for a proper ride yesterday - had such a laugh, bearing in mind I stopped riding trials about 14 years ago I’ve got to say 24 inch wheels are so much fun! I also managed to run the front brake through the head tube the night before and swapped the 24t chain ring to a 22t, removed some chain links too. This made a huge difference! Pedal hops are much better now! I’m really happy with how neat this turned out despite the fact I only used a hacksaw and a round file! I’d be out again tonight if I had the choice but my arms are still killing from riding yesterday haha.
  14. @Ross McArthur Ive seen that Sam pilgrim vid, won’t catch me doing this to my bike haha
  15. Cheers pal, yes I wanted to run the chain tighter, which I’ll definately be able to do with the 22t