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  1. I use this on an exposure helmet mount (the mount costs the same as the torch mind!), integrated battery, super bright at 800 lumens, lasts ages, USB charging, lightweight and adjustable focus point. On Amazon for £17.99 can’t go wrong for the money and works really well in addition to a bar light
  2. So Marino UK advised they were talking direct with Peru last Wednesday Night and they would get back to me. Still nothing :| I’m sure they will fulfil the order, but if anyone is considering ordering - be prepared to wait.
  3. Ross doesn’t anymore, he has put me in touch with Marino UK... I’ve explained the issues as the they are looking into it. Thanks though. I’ll update this thread once/if they get back to me
  4. Hey guys, hope this wet weather isn’t getting the better of you. just curious if anyone has had a frame from Marino this year? I ordered a frame and fork in April, fully appreciating the covid situation and what impact that was likely to have on Marino. but communication had been poor to say the least, they said it would take longer than usual and have a time frame of 12 weeks. I waited quite a bit longer than that before asking what was happening via email... no reply, emailed again at the beginning of September... no reply. I took to Instagram messenger to send them a private question on the 15th of September - they did reply saying they were sorting the delivery and needed a few days (fair enough). But hadn’t heard anything, so sent them another insta message on Wednesday and had no reply. Am I being too impatient? Finding it frustrating that they are pretty active on social media giving no indication of the delays customers are facing (or is it just me?) whilst continuing to promote orders stating they are back to full speed operation. Any UK reps around? Anyone else waiting on orders? Rant over!
  5. Ah thanks man, was aiming for a 90s Bmx look with black and chrome. Agreed about the Frankenstein bike though, it started as a miss mash of parts and I gradually refined it after I realised it rides way nicer than expected
  6. I forgot to update this thread, I did finish it and it’s on my mk1 fourplay: Really happy with it, also managed to find a silver avid lever for the front BB5 (which saved me from further polishing!)
  7. Chain tensioner arrived this morning, running it on the back side of the hanger seemed to be the only way to run it so that it fitted. I actually like it this way as less protrudes outwards. Also replaced the alloy jockey wheel with a plastic one as it runs way smoother and silently.
  8. I forgot to add that I couldn’t find a a bash ring in silver that I liked, so made one, just need the inside smoothed out on a lathe to make it the perfect circle. Although the cranks May be swapped at a later date (they weigh a ton!). The bcd on these is massive too, so something a bit more compact but still 22t would be a nice to have.
  9. A trip to the spray shop, and a silver avid lever later... here it is now: All that remains is a single speed chain tensioner which is on its way... from China
  10. I had an 80x40 trial tech stem, but had to bite the bullet and get some new bars - went with the trusty inspired arcade risers. At this stage I had a bike that was rideable, and I it rides pretty well. Which got me thinking it needed a bit of a revamp... the paint on the frame is chipped and scratched (although looks okay in the photos) and I hadn’t finished polishing the magura bits, so was still running the black magura here which like the frame, worked perfectly but was tatty. The seat also had to be changed!
  11. Having had a few bike builds on the go recently, I thought I’d sum up my spares and build a frankenbike... this is how it started: I was going to powder coat the frame, but half way through stripping it and whilst on the hunt for some straight blade forks I found this on eBay: Thought I’d pick the forks and get rid of the frame... when it arrived I realised that made no sense. So the Frankenbike foundation is an Inspired MK1 Fourplay. Next up, the brakes. i have a few sets of maguras and spare bits kicking around and decided to put some effort in to polish them up: I had a set of DMR DeeVees on hope pro 2 hubs from my old cracked zoot... so they went on too.
  12. A fine example mate, major kudos for the work that’s gone into it. Absolute masterpiece!
  13. A regular chain tool will split that chain no problem. I ride a 22t chain ring with a 16t on my fourplay and it feels right for me. I used to ride a 15t on my other 24 inch bike (Ashton ET) but found that static moves felt ‘heavy’. Swapping it to a 16t made a positive difference. That said it’s all about preference and technique, both 15&16t sprockets tend to be the norm on a 24inch trials bike. You will certainly notice the difference between the two - certainly worth trying it out as it’s very little cost. Any single speed sprocket should work with that chain - you’ll want a Shimano spline compatible sprocket, if in doubt give Tarty bikes a bell and they’ll have one for you. Another factor is your crank arm length, the longer the crank arm, the more leverage you will get and the ‘easier’ the gearing will feel. I personally use 175mm cranks for maximum leverage. hope this helps
  14. Thanks Mark, that makes perfect sense and offers me reassurance as I’ve already ordered the lever from America haha. on another note, is it your arcade that’s red with the completely blacked out rims/tyres? If so how did you get the graphics removed from the tyres? And did you just spray over the logos on the rims?
  15. I’ve seen some posts on various forums regarding the compatibility of BMX levers with cable disc brakes - non of which seem all that conclusive so I’m hoping some of you may be able to help me out... I have a MTB avid BB5 calliper up front with a MTB avid lever. Works exactly as I want it to, good modulation and just the right amount of bite. Pictures below to show the versions I have: However in a quest to make the bike look a bit more like a mid 90s BMX I’ve began polishing the bare metal rear magura and thought I would do the same for the front lever, when I stumbled across this which would save an awful lot of time and effort: My question (due to concerns raised on other forums) - will the BMX lever have enough movement to operate the calliper effectively? I’ve read that some BMX levers are only suited to cantilever brakes etc that don’t require as much cable actuation as a V-brake or a cable disc (with the exception of roadie versions). Thank you in advance for any advice offered up.