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  1. @Herbertlemon102 haha thanks mate, the house comment is even more relevant as I’m a residential surveyor by trade! Also agree the two jockey wheel set up looks better (a decent little pressie from the other half for chriatmas!) I’ll be taking off the chain stay protector, just want to make sure the chain doesn’t hit the frame!
  2. Absolutely beautiful, totally agree that it was under rated. Looks like a dream to ride. Nice work!
  3. Here she is complete with stickers, managed to get a cheeky little indoor skatepark ride in today - was so much fun, rides pretty well on the ramps.
  4. @Ross McArthur On holiday now mate, will get some pics up when I’m back - thanks again for the advice on running the headset through the top cap, ended up getting a medium star nut from tarty and it works a treat
  5. Managed to get out for a proper ride yesterday - had such a laugh, bearing in mind I stopped riding trials about 14 years ago I’ve got to say 24 inch wheels are so much fun! I also managed to run the front brake through the head tube the night before and swapped the 24t chain ring to a 22t, removed some chain links too. This made a huge difference! Pedal hops are much better now! I’m really happy with how neat this turned out despite the fact I only used a hacksaw and a round file! I’d be out again tonight if I had the choice but my arms are still killing from riding yesterday haha.
  6. @Ross McArthur Ive seen that Sam pilgrim vid, won’t catch me doing this to my bike haha
  7. Cheers pal, yes I wanted to run the chain tighter, which I’ll definately be able to do with the 22t
  8. Well spotted dude, proper school boy error there! A job for the weekend! Yeah I was tempted by a inspired, but didn’t like the price of the fact I’d need a new post. This was one of the only plain black seats I could find believe it or not!
  9. @Luke Rainbird @Ross McArthur Thanks guys, didn’t realise tarty bikes did the fangled nut in different sizes, think I’ll go with a small nut and make a hole in the top cap - should look nice and neat that. I’ll also bang the 22t on and give that a whirl... Managed to grind the rear rim tonight and get the tyre fitted - and yes I went with the 2.4 inch tyres
  10. The Maxxis holy rollers arrived, fitted the front one and love the chunky look! Hopefully I’ll get chance to put a grind on the rear wheel tonight and fit the other tyre. Once that’s done it’s a case of routing the front brake through the steerer tube so I can begin to learn foot jam whips Anyone know of a good/neat way to do this/recommend a product bearing in mind it’s a narrow threadless steerer tube? also I’m not sure I have the gear ratio quite right, it’s currently 24-15, but just doesn’t feel right for pedal hops. I have a 22 middleburn ring spare, think that would be better - any thoughts on what seems to be the best for 24inch street?
  11. Thought some might like to see this too, a magura MT4 off an EBike, i’d never seen one before... Brand new (taken off a display bike) for £35, included the pads too! I snipped the cable off the lever (it kills the eBike battery when the brake is pulled), but fully intend to take it out of the lever completely at some point. Also received these little beauts free from the man himself, Edd Tongue! What a legend! Where do you think I should put them? Or shall I get the lettering made so there is no black background?
  12. @Ross McArthur that’s really tidy! See what you mean about the profile - very slick - worth trying for that price
  13. Cheers dude, I was keen to build something a little different
  14. @Herbertlemon102Yeah fair comment, get a bit more chain wrap. They were out of stock everywhere elese I would have had one
  15. Build complete! Just the stickers to get made and put on now, may get some high rollers and run the front hose through the steerer (anyone know a neat way to do this, bearing in mind it’s a really narrow steerer?) but they are not essential at this point what do you think?