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  1. @Rip as promised I’m coming back to report on performance. Seriously good is my verdict, I got used to the way they feel in no time, modulation is the biggest learning curve as the bite feels very different, a couple of manuals in and I was fine. I’m running them on 26 inch wheels with 180mm rotors and I’m not the lightest person haha, but had no problem hanging all my weight on the back wheel during long blunts/abubaca’s. I like how positively the lever returns too.
  2. The mortgage company shouldn’t have forced you to get a survey... are you sure it wasn’t a mortgage valuation? A lot of people get this mixed up. Relying on the mortgage valuation alone is risky. Mortgage Valuation - for the lender, a very brief 2-3 page report that confirms the property exists, doesn’t have any major defects and is worth the money that they are lending on it. These used to be commonly disclosed to applicants but this is becoming less common now. Survey (HomeBuyer / Building Survey) - this is for the applicant and is not provided to the lender. It’s a far more detailed report, anywhere between 30 and 50 pages. It breaks down all of the elements of the property and rates each on a traffic light system. Green = ok, amber = small issue, red = urgent issue act now.
  3. Thanks dude, it was a fun project. I used something called nemesis paint stripper from screwfix. They don’t appear to sell it anymore but I’ve heard good things about wickes own brand stuff. To be honest though nothing is fantastic these days as the active ingredients have been reduced massively.
  4. Reading comments in here and being in the industry myself - I couldn’t agree more about the house buying process being so unclear. The FCA really should get their finger out to make things clearer, hidden costs are a sod to those buying their first house. I’ll get hate for this next bit, but I was so lucky when I bought my house two years back - possibly the epitome (in my lifetime anyway) of being in the right place at the right time. Cutting a long story short, my current neighbours are friends of my family - it was mentioned by the neighbours that the house might be up for sale when they bumped into my parents whilst at a supermarket. The owner was elderly and going into a home. I should mention the house was not on the market at this point... no estate agent involved. This was mentioned to my parents on a Sunday, I spoke to the son who was managing the house on Monday morning and viewed it on Monday afternoon. It was very dated and there was some internal wall cracking which would put most off - I’m a surveyor though and determined it was caused by leaking finlock gutters (concrete gutter laid like bricks on the top of the cavity wall). Essentially a superficial crack which I knew could be fixed by replacing the gutters and re-plastering. Monday night I called a friend that’s a mortgage consultant in the business I work for. I had a mortgage in principle by Wednesday. He talked me through the process and made it very clear. Despite being a surveyor, at the time I knew relatively little about the process of a mortgage before it gets to a valuation being carried out. I made the offer Thursday night directly with the owner (the son of the lady moving onto a home). I have to say that it was so nice to have direct contact without some slimey Estate Agent in the middle that was just thinking about what modification from Halfords they could make to their car with their commission (to harsh?). Conversely there are good EA’s but its luck of the draw! Friday evening I got the call that my offer was accepted. A few checks by the solicitors and a valuation later the whole thing competed - I got the keys just 3 weeks after the offer. Now I appreciate that in terms of timing and circumstances things fell into my favour I.e no upwards or downwards chain, but the point I guess I’m trying to make is that it was an absolute pleasure doing business the old way with the seller directly - cutting out the middle man made things clear and concise, no conflicted interests from the estate agent who ultimately in most circumstances are thinking about the payout, and most importantly no bottle neck to hold things up. it could of course gone sour, but the chap selling the house was a gent. My advice to anyone buying a house for the first time would be to go for a reputable mortgage advisor, when you get that right they can really help keep you on track with what you need to do and when. Mine was truly fantastic and even text me with updates while on holiday abroad. As an Englishman, I also think we have a lot to learn from Scotland in terms of the house buying process - if you didn’t know their house buying process is quite different, have a look and see what you think. This has turned into quite a long message, but if you got this far - I wish those that are on the cusp of becoming home owners the best of luck, it’s a fantastic feeling when you do eventually get the keys to a house that you can truly call your ‘home’.
  5. @Rip You still get reach adjustment on the zee levers, but HC3’s have more adjustment points making them more configurable. Feel wise it really is down to preference. I’m yet to ride with them properly having only really played around on my drive, but I personally like the light feel they have, the firmness when the pads bite and most of all the quick lever return. I did come from a standard MT5 lever though. I run HC1’s on my Marino which I absolutely love. I’ll report back after a decent ride.
  6. Not a Frenchie, or a wall...agreed. But still a nice video - I like the idea of sharing all the different ways you can think of to conquer an obstacle - can bring new ideas to old spots. Also, I enjoy watching your riding style, simple and smooth. Thanks for sharing
  7. @Maintenance Justice haha yes it was! Another bike came with some shimano Deore brakes, so pinched the shroud and already had the rest Initial thoughts are that it feels great. As @Mark W has mentioned the arch feels very different but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. thanks for your time yesterday too
  8. Wahoo, the Frankenbrake lives! Thanks @Adam@TartyBikes
  9. Top man, thanks Adam, I may well have some kicking around then
  10. Reopening this, I’m now considering running the Shimano levers on a different bike. Anyone know where I can get the Shimano shroud that goes onto the magura hose? I’m also assuming that I’d need to use the Shimano olive and hose end plug?
  11. I feel your pain, if I had a bike that colour the first place I would be going is the painters. I’ve actually stopped watching Duncan Shaws videos because I genuinely can’t stand the neon pink. I personally have mine shot blasted and powder coated (I’ve done a few, with another little project going to the powder coaters this coming weekend). good luck, the world will be a better place with one less pink fourplay
  12. Dedication to the hunt that! The bike looks lovely.
  13. I need to go through this process... tunes and a beer sounds good!
  14. Are they noisy @Swoofty? That’s something I’m really not into anymore. I did try running an XT v on an earlier build but had similar problems getting the arms to sit properly. As it happens I would have ran a rear disc, but the frame was built to run a Hope mini mono which I couldn’t get my hands on. the stars must have aligned as I have a friend with a spare set. I’ll see what I can do
  15. Brake mounts arrived today, a bit of a faff setting up, as it’s a wide rim and there is no off set on evo 2 mounts I had to sand the pads down to fit haha the bike is now complete, having ridden it properly now it’s clear it’s definitely a park bike! Keeping the rear rim smooth and rocking black pads