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  1. I had a bit of spare time this evening, so decided to mess around on Forza Horizon 4. Ended up taking some inspiration from my Planet X Zebdi for a paint job on a drift car. Far from perfect but kept me entertained for a little while haha... The car: The bike: Any one else play FH4?
  2. Awesome! Love the last move - drop/wall ride thing!
  3. Haha I’ve just mentioned to my girlfriend about nipping over to LA from England to save money buying a bike part and she’s up for the idea haha! I bet the riding out there is incredible
  4. Nice build, out of curiosity what tools did you use to face the mounts? I need to do it on one of my bikes but the tools I’ve seen a hellishly expensive!
  5. I went with plazmatic pads and they do not disappoint! Thanks for the advice
  6. This is mint mate, we should get out for a ride? You driving yet?
  7. Hi all, looking for a low profile seat (on rails) and a seat post that positions the seat nice and low. Tired of searching eBay for second hand stuff so wondering if anyone knows of any of the modern bits that would look okay on this:
  8. As the title suggests, I’m after a good set of pads front and rear for smooth rims. Got a mavic up front and a Onza full fat on the rear. I’m sure this has been covered over before but struggling to find anything with the TF search engine. Ideally something that doesn’t make a lot of noise, but has plenty of bite.
  9. @Ross McArthur went back up to 17t haha. also went up to 16t on the ET from 15t!
  10. Not quite the same but worth a look:
  11. My cannondale trigger, love this thing - the closet I have got to a do it all bike
  12. A couple of clips whilst getting used to it tonight (not sure if this will work!)
  13. @LEON forgot to mention, if you are after another Zebdi, the exact same frame in what looks to be even better condition is ending tonight on eBay:
  14. Think I may have seen the same one, it must make the bike feel like a micro scooter. I suppose that’s okay if all you want to do is manual with the front wheel two inches off the ground.
  15. Stem and seat angle the same as the top tube angle always looks good in my opinion