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  1. Congratulations Mark, wishing you both the best of luck with the move. That sucks about the full rent situation, but definitely try to use it to your advantage
  2. Love it dude, looking forward to seeing some more pics! Got a Zebdi in the same paint job that I’m on the process of rebuilding, lovely bit of retro goodness that
  3. The shadow bike
  4. Such a good watch, but heartbreaking watching these guys absolutely smash spots I used to ride haha
  5. Really enjoyed that
  6. Thanks James, I don’t think your riding suffers from a short stem though! Always a pleasure to watch and certainly the inspiration to build this bike. Before I added the frame decals it did look like a cheap mans version of yours! I almost kept it all black, but figured I could remove the graphics if I didn’t like them.
  7. Tyres changed:
  8. I’ve now added some decals on the forks: I’m also completing switching the tyres I have a brand new Maxxis ikon 2.2 for the front, and a Maxxis high roller 2.4 for the rear - think that would work quite well.
  9. Thanks mate. That looks so nice! What seat are you running on it?
  10. A few finishing bits and the build is complete! I should point out my aim here was not a replica. I was looking to build a 26inch street bike, my yellow Giant remains a replica, but this was about having a bike that felt familiar with modern components where needed to deal with the type of riding I have in mind.
  11. Now to sort the wheels... I took the wheels apart and had the rims powder coated satin black along with some Echo Urban disc forks I also managed to bag a pair of second hand Magura MTS brakes, same as the MT4’s but for Specialised to equip on their bikes. This was a great find as the gold and black really fitted the theme
  12. So I got to work stripping it down and cleaning! I used a mild abrasive polish on the frame to remove the grime, then used a Matt finishing cleaner to bring it back to life A good friend of mine donated a gold filthy bash guard (permanent loan) to bring the cranks to life in true hawzie style: this has since has the benefit of a new 22t middleburn ring
  13. Ive been on the hunt for one of these for some time now, so was delighted when I found one that I felt I could rescue. Pretty much a barn find - the stuff dreams are made of for someone like me! The bike was covered in dirt and dust and just in generally bad shape: But the under the grime the actual structure of the frame was sound with no cracks or dents. It even had the mandatory race face turbine cranks - I wouldn’t built one of these with anything but! The wheels were in poor condition with spokes missing and worn braking surfaces. To me this is the epitome of a bike project!
  14. Thanks @Mark W, I’ll try replacing the bat adjuster. I’m very comfortable with getting a good bleed on magura’s - but appreciate the advice. ive just never been able to get the MT5 lever to feel like it returns as fast as the MT7. I run an MT5 on the front of this bike and a full set on another. I’ll report back to confirm if it’s worked
  15. Hi guys, Not strictly trials chat, but thought I’d ask here... Went out on the enduro bike tonight and reached for the back brake and couldn’t feel the lever... anyone know which bit has broken to cause this? Is it repairable? If not would a replacement lever blade have the relevant part to fix the issue? I’ve got a spare magura MT5 lever but would rather rescue this one if possible - the braking feel is so much more positive.