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  1. After an hour or so in the garage this evening this is how far I got: A quick roll around tells me the front feels a bit low for my liking so the 80x40 stem will be going on.
  2. Collected the frame and forks today looks so so good in the flesh!
  3. Nice spot to ride, looks like fun! A good idea to set yourselves some brakeless challenges - gives any obstacle a different dimension.
  4. Frame and forks are being collected tomorrow afternoon so thought I’d get most of the remaining parts out ready to fit: Looking forward to this, especially thanks to these little beauts that are in the post: thanks for hooking me up @Ross McArthur in other news I’ve managed to bag some echo urban disc only forks from eBay. Get in! they’ll either go on the Zebdi or this. I’ll see what mood I’m in when I begin the build. I’m steering towards having the Ashton forks on this now.
  5. To be fair the second photo was me for just over 9 months haha, literally conceived and had a child before the order arrived.
  6. @Adam@TartyBikes phwoar, that looks lovely! Nice job mate! Looking forward to seeing that finished!
  7. @Adam@TartyBikes phwoar, that looks lovely! Nice job mate! Looking forward to seeing that finished!
  8. Brilliant photo shop skills haha. Literally laughed out loud at this. definitely similar to my Marino, drop outs are identical with the built in bolts for chain tension adjustment.
  9. Dropped the frame off at the spray shop, unfortunately they don’t do sandblasting, only shot blasting which is much more aggressive, so I’ve decided to have the frame powder coated silver. The Ashton forks are being done too in gloss black along with a set of Fatty’s which will go on the giant. at this stage the Ashton frame will have Onza zoot curved forks. They are already Matt black, albeit with a green Onza sticker down the side. I’m not intending keeping them on it for long (holding out for some straight blade forks). So I’m not powder coating the Onza forks. it should be ready to collect next week sometime.
  10. Good justification @Brettoll it’s going to have tensile cranks with a black 18t bash ring, so should be accidentally quite well colour matched. the headset and seat clamp I ordered are anodised red. Should look interesting
  11. Deleted duplicate post
  12. What are peoples thoughts on the colour of the forks? Silver to match the frame or black to match the bar and stem?
  13. Also managed to spend an hour on the Diamondback Ashton frame with an angle grinder. The disc mount strap had been cut by the previous owner to accommodate a calliper that didn’t fit. So I’ve smoothed that off... the gear cable mounts have gone too. the forks that came with the bike had the brake mounts hacked at with a hacksaw. Took the opportunity to smooth these down too, although they are for the Planet X Zebdi. This may have to have Onza zoot forks, unless something straight pops up cheap. shame because these forks do look the shizz on the rolling chassis! hoping I might be able to get the frame in to he shot blasted tomorrow
  14. Also, had to order some new bits, parts that are cheap enough to buy new. This includes - seat clamp -13t double wide sprocket - DMR single speed spacers and some bars, nuke proof neutron v2 risers - these will go on my Giant TT which I’ll pinch some arcade risers from I think - coupled with a bbb stem at 100mm and 7 degree rise. If that’s to long I’ve got an 80x40 one kicking around but does conform to a street build... I’ll see how it rides
  15. Front wheel built