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  1. I actually thought I was pretty fit before starting trials, used to run a lot and do strength training on a regular basis but maybe I have some imbalances or weaknesses I wasn’t aware of. I also never really thought about my age as a factor before, maybe I need a reality check on that Sounds uncomfortable, hope you see some improvement soon! What did the doc say was the cause, also tendon damage or something else? Sounds like these types of injuries don’t have a specific recovery time, can be the same for ages then heal up overnight. Have you carried on riding with the pain? I hope this is true and it isn’t a persistent problem that will prevent me from progressing with trials as I have been really enjoying it so far. Been watching your vlog while off the bike and it’s just been making me want to get back riding asap! With regards to bar position, what should I try to help with rear hops and pedal kicks, tilting forward or back? Thanks for the heads up. Just checked and Stadtlohn is 50km away from me so about an hours drive, not too bad. Are you based in Germany? I’ve read a lot of stuff online about things to try, keep it warm, keep it cool, different stretches etc so it seems like it is more trial and error than anything else. I went out for a run last night and wore my sports bandage which has an adjustable pressure strap just to support it a bit. When I got back home it did feel noticeably better so I think there is something to keeping pressure on it. I’m going to try wearing the strap for a couple of days all the time and see if it helps. Will give the doorknob stretch a try as well. Any grips you would recommend? I wear gloves while riding so haven’t given grips much thought, just running the Zoot stock ones. PSI I run around 45 I think. Is it ok to carry on riding while it still hurts, won’t this just make it worse? I plan to always wear the bandage from now on anyway so if it’s not gonna make it worse i’d rather get back out there before the weather gets any worse. Will look into this thanks!
  2. Great stuff! Didn’t know that much about Akrigg other than the name so it’s nice to get caught up.
  3. I live in Emmerich, closest city in Germany is Kleve and in Holland is Arnhem. But I don’t mind throwing the bike in the back of the car and driving a bit if necessary.
  4. Hey guys Been lurking here for a while so thought I would finally come say hi and to ask for some advice. Recently bought myself a used Onza Zoot off ebay in good condition and have been having fun playing around on it over the summer working on the basics. Other than a rear brake booster it is completely stock as far as I know. I'm 34 and coming from an XC / enduro background but dabled in trials in my teens although never really got very far, however its something i've always been curious about and seem to have really caught the bug second time round. Firstly i'm just wondering if there is anyone near me who may be up for a meet? I'm from UK but now live in west Germany close to the Dutch border. Or maybe i'm better off asking in a German forum if anyone can recommend one? Second question is a health one. I recently started working on rear wheel hops and pedal kicks and seem to have developed a problem with my right elbow from repetition. From what I gather online it is most likely tennis elbow i.e tendonitis. I've read that the only real solution is to stay of the bike and rest it as well as do regular stretching exercises until it heals. I think I must have had the problem for about a month already, I bought myself a sports bandage to wear while I ride but that doesn't seem to have helped with the pain. So i've been off the bike for about a week now and have been doing the stretches like I said but so far it does't feel much different. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem and has any other suggestions? If I don't feel any improvement this week it's off to the doc's I think. Also is there anything on the bike I could change to reduce strain on the tendon, changing the brakes maybe? Cheers Nick