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  1. Hi, your parts look very nice (to be honest, the bars look a bit crazy). I can imagine there are many people who want a more classic trial geometry and an option to change the gear ratio quick out there. Street trial bikes are actual a little bit too short in my opinion, especially if you want to ride in nature. How did you manage the rim brake? Always thought no other company does it this way, because Hoffmann Bikes patented it.
  2. The nearest club is Stadtlohn with a distance from around 70km. An alternative would be looking for a motorcycle trials club or finding other riders who ride alone on facebook. I know there are clubs and riders in the Netherlands but I have no contact.
  3. In which area or city do you live?
  4. I’ve made the experience, that the hope mountain bike brakes (e4) feel not as strong as the trial zone, mt5 or shimano xt. I know that the mt7 has around 8 per cent more power than the mt5, but I don’t know with which lever option (Hc3, two-finger, ...). But I think it’s cheaper to use better pads or a bigger disk. In our local trial club some kids broke their magura levers. The hope race lever is very solid and we have no big issues with them until now. But I have to clean and grease the lever with link regularly to avoid creaking noises. I really like magura disks, because they are thicker than disks from other manufacturers. In Germany its actually very popular among mountainbikers to combine the magura calipers with levers from shimano or formula. And if you don’t care about money, you can use a trickstuff lever. That combination is the strongest brake you could actually have (keyword: shigura, trigura).