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  1. Thats on the lift after super morzine isn't it? The alps is so good! Haven't posted in here for ages! New website went up yesterday -
  2. Well my Fuji x100 arrived today, went for a refurb model but it looks brand spanking. God it feels so well made, perfect size and weight. Optical view finder with digital overlay is the balls, noise performace looks on par with my D300 if not better and pretty sharp at F2. Mind you it's dark and only used it around the house so far, will post something if I get anything decent this weekend. Konstant - Have you considered the X100? Seems bang on what you're after
  3. X10 also looks good but love the idea of the bigger sensor. Can't wait to see more Bangkok pics, humid and crazy.
  4. Looks good. I've read so much about that bloody camera now. I want one.
  5. Has anyone on here got or tried a fuji X100? Read loads of reviews and seen plenty of photos. Seems like a great everyday camera and fuji refurbs are good prices
  6. It's an old camera now but will still produce a decent photo. So yeah you should buy mr Hayes's
  7. Haven't posted in here for ages! Shot from last night
  8. Thanks. I remember seeing some of your climbing shots, were they from Railay? Aus is really expensive isn't it, couldn't stay there long without working. Have you got any other stuff online?
  9. Just got back from Thailand, more on the blog
  10. Really like your shot of Brighton Pier Mike! Couple of new posts from New Zealand blog
  11. Great video, well edited. Will be a good memory to look back on. Nikon D800 has been officically announced Link Also new blog post from North Island New Zealand
  12. New blog post on Raratonga in the Cook Islands Link
  13. Highly recommend the xilisoft HD software too, I had the same headache recently but this worked a dream. Then import it into whatever software you're using to edit
  14. Yeah nothing will play back smoothly unless you have rendered it. Makes it much easier, maybe leave it doing over night. It takes even longer if you rotate footage or add any kind of effects. Even on really quick machines it takes an age
  15. This is a good piece of converting software - Are you rendering the video to play it back smoothly? Might be a stupid question