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  1. I had the same issue recently after getting my first bike too, felt like I was 2 seconds away from face planting. Fast forward a month and now it feels natural to me but when I went out in my bmx the other day it felt so short in comparison. Looped it more than once, front comes up sooo quick!
  2. Wise words indeed I just got my first trials bike a couple of weeks ago and opted for a 2nd hand bike over new. Better all round parts for less than the price of a brand new lesser quality bike plus it came with a spare tyre and front brake. Until I manage to actually aquire some trials skills I'll just stick with preowned and bash the crap out of it
  3. Wee pic in the woods today
  4. Here's mine, got a wash and polish yesterday since the sun finally came out...
  5. 5 minutes from my front door. Got a load of great spots round town to hurt myself at. 2 minutes from my house is the beach /breakwater area and it is littered with large rocks that one day I fully intend to throw myself and my bike at. Suppose I'm quite lucky really as I dont need to travel to find a good spot
  6. My first trials bike arrived Monday morning first thing and I've hardly been off it since. Different geometry than I'm used to but I will in time. Happy as a pig in dog eggs
  7. Evening all, I'm Chris and totally new to trials riding. Was into bmx and mountain biking in my youth, still ride bmx these days but badly. Just treated myself to a 20" zoo off ebay to celebrate 40 years on the planet. Its due to arrive early next week and now I'm like a wee boy at Xmas. Plenty of spots round town to practice at (fall off) so I might not be any use at it but I'll be putting the hours in for sure. I'll be riding alone pretty much exclusively, my only riding friend had a knee op last year and it's not going well... come to think of it I've never seen a trials bike round here (Fife) in the flesh. See you out there