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  1. I was thinking its probably just me. It still feels weird but it's only been a few days It's smooth to ride the wheels are true but the paint work is horrendous if you ask me I might strip it back and polish it. Thanks for the quick response aswell.
  2. Hello to all.. I've just joined the forum for some advice really. I have recently acquired a old onza t-rex 26inch the bike seems to be in good order apart from a few bits that I've ordered from tartybikes but I've noticed the half link chain which feels tired. "Side to side play in links" So chain recommendations welcome. The other thing was that stem it feels like I'm too far over the front wheel and I cant work out if it's just me being new to it or the stem thats on the bike which I believe to be standard. Coming from bmx bikes it's a weird one. Also whilst I'm waffling on.. trials bike vs mtb street trials bike ? Pro's n cons ?