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  1. This was my first sensible thought, I've heard about those pads. I'm currently running a new set of Onza whatever the ones are called with the sealed hubs and painted rims. I get why grinds work but at the moment I'm still reluctant to take an angle grinder to them in case I go for the less sensible option and buy a whole different bike with discs (seen one for not much money recently). Part of my problem is living on the side of steep hill and having to use the brakes normally to slow the bike down, what a horrible experience. Plus I'm used to discs from riding MTB. I'll have to have a few words with myself and sort it out. Now this is a great tip, thanks. Don't think I've seen any tutorials that have made this point. I like getting new points to focus on. All of this has been encouraging, thanks. Looking forward to getting out and swearing at myself again for not getting it quick enough... @marg26 I'll have a look at your videos as well, always good to remind yourself that others are facing the same struggles maybe I'll even make my own at some point. @kiwipete Never too old for anything, someone once told me... Cheers
  2. Just seen this thread after several months of sneaking about on here, got myself an old t-Pro mod around last xmas with the idea of finally learning all those techniques I never figured out in my early 20s when I first got a MTB. Now 44 and this year hasn't exactly gone as planned for trials riding. Doesn't help that the hs33 won't hold the back wheel when I need it to most, but really the only reason I haven't got further than I have is I haven't ridden it much. Even spending money on it hasn't solved that problem... Currently wondering what to do about sorting the brake issue (different pads, disc equipped bike), whether a mod was the right way to go to get into it - I do like it but maybe a streety thing might have been a better idea - and just not beating myself up too much about the lack of progress. I still intend to get out more and learn, but things come and go and it can be easy to take stuff too seriously. I still can't even turn while hopping on the back wheel (any tips?), so I'm right at the beginning, but I'll get there. Cheers for all the info I've gleaned from these pages and hopefully this time next year I'll be a whole year further forward. Stretching tips duly noted as well...
  3. Thanks. I have been so far, in between the expletives.
  4. Aha, didn't know about those. Good shout, cheers. Got that 610HX chain now so hopefully I can get the bike working this weekend, had a couple of other things to deal with but those are different threads.
  5. Wow, thanks for that. As it happens there's a 610hx in the shop where I work, ordered in for a customer who didn't take it. I'll have that then, cheers for the recommendation.
  6. Hello people, first post on here. I've been lurking for some time and had loads of useful info, so thanks to all for that. I'm one of those mid-40s MTBers who's wanted to learn trials for 20 years but only just got a trials bike to do it on. So a few months ago I bought a 2nd hand Onza T-Pro from about 2008 and I'm having to replace a few bits. I wondered what are trials riders' thoughts on using power links / split links to join chains, and is there a preference for 1/8 or 3/32 chains? I noticed that the sprocket and freewheel are 3/32 but the bike has a 1/8 chain fitted with an old school split link. I thought I'd probably put an 8sp chain on for a more snug fit. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.