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  1. Just got the new bike up and running, still needs some new bolts for the stem as the current ones are rusty. Very budget build for now, spec is: Onza T-Pro Frame, 'porcupine' rims (ground) on unsealed hubs, original forks, bars and stem (painted as were in bad shape) Onza Genesis cranks. Jitsie front tyre, SF2 rear, Tensile ISIS BB and 30click freewheel, Onza 12t fixed rear. Magura HS33's, Monty levers, DMR V6 Pedals. Has cost me £150 so far with all new drivetrain and tyres. had to bleed the brakes as well as service the hubs. Took ages cleaning the rust off all the steel parts!!!
  2. Definitely rode with Dave Wells, gave him a cheeky FB snoop. Can't think who was at the Uni now... Also just waiting on tubes, BB and some new bolts and it'll be ride-able!
  3. Dave Wells rings a bell, was studying engineering at Bristol Uni IIRC.
  4. Have managed to pick up a dirt cheap Onza T-Pro, after my stepdad picked up a Zoot (he's in his 60's!!) I've yet to rebuild it as it was in fairly poor shape, however a quick order to Onza and Tarty, and it should be as good as new in the next week! Anyone still ride? Remember hanging with a Dave? (told me to follow him in Castle park on my brand new Phase and it went from there), Rowan back in '08 when he kept on about his 'secret weapon' which turned out to be the epic Ashton Justice. Still have my old MAD Phase 1.2 with the snapped chainstay somewhere in the garage, but have decided to take the cheaper option. Are the spots still the same? Castle Park/Lloyds? Noticed the skatepark? under the Ashton bypass on the Portway, looks very trials'esq! Still recovering from numerous accidents so will probably be useless on a bike, but pretty excited to try and get back at it!! Cheers, Sam P.S. - My old bike, just in case anyone on here remembers me