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  1. Hello! I'd like to start off by saying hello, I'm new to the forum. I wont waste any time. So, I've been riding for only three years and I've only ever done basic XC and trails stuff, a small amount of downhill etc. the usual for a casual. I've followed street trials professionals since I began and I absolutely love to watch the discipline being performed. Today I decided that I'd finally give it a go myself. However, I have a concern about my bike as it's big and heavy with 650b wheels, all stock stuff. It's a Specialized Pitch 2017 Sport, quick link below so you guys can have a look as I'm no expert at bike parts. https://www.evanscycles.com/specialized-pitch-sport-650b-2017-mountain-bike-EV279812 During casual riding I've learnt some basic techniques and skills such as reverts and fakies, bunny hops etc. The VERY basics. Currently I don't have the money to buy ANY upgrades so my stock hardtail is all I can use. What do you guys think? I was thinking about just dropping the seat and trying it out but I don't want to damage my bike too much, do you have any recommendations, advice or general information you can share? One final query, I have researched this stuff, and I saw a few people on a few different websites saying beginning the discipline at 30+ is a no go and totally not worth it as it's too old. That surely cannot be true? It does not necessarily apply to me as I'm 24, but you know, going on 30 and all that. I mean my step dad only started riding XC last year and he's pretty decent already and he's 48. Anyway, I'm sorry if you get scrubby posts like this all the time, I just have a passion for watching trials riders perform tricks and think it's amazing, and would love to be even 1% as good as these guys.