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  2. in the beginning I had some problems with the drivetrain. the chain skipped.. maybe because it was too long and didn't have a proper tension. I removed some links and added the rubber. I couldn't run the chain the "correct way" anymore, but it finally worked then. maybe the arm was too long? I think I have the long version which is for 15-20 teeth cogs. I had 15t.. the standard one for 13-17 teeth cogs might have worked better?
  3. cool to see the frame has finally arrived I've put a rubber inbetween chainstay and tensioner, as these sprung tensioners don't really stay in place, no matter how hard you tighten them.. at least mine came loose after a while and the chain had no tension anymore..
  4. here's a better pic I took at eurobike
  5. orly? where can I get it from? edit: @hope
  6. was that a typo with the 175mm rotor? must be a 155mm rotor, as the fork on the hydroxx has this stupid mount...
  7. exact wheelbase?
  8. how about sending him an email?!
  9. yeah in the urbans.. but I don't like the shape of these forks.. tarty has the pashleys in stock, but the geo doesn't sound that good.. acutally there is quite a large amount of standard canti forks out there, but you never know how they hold up on a trials bike.. e.g. this one here I used to run this fork several years ago without any problems. it's really lightweight (around 600g), but back then I didn't seem to care about the geo of the fork.. as 410/45mm is a bit too long for my bike now..
  10. I'm selling my magura marta as I like to try a vee on the front. are there any decent forks with canti mounts out there? I definately want canti mounts, no 4bolt fork with vee adaptors..
  11. adam from tartybikes
  12. cool stuff! what's the name of the songs?
  13. rafal, how many pins does your chain have? 76? are you running 18-15?
  14. "took me places" sounds really weird to me.. isn't there are a "to" missing?
  15. I'm planning to order a track/road bike from the UK they offer free shipping to mainland UK. I already asked them, whether they ship to Germany as well. If not, then I might ship it to the UK first and then to Germany. So I'd need someone to help me out. Does anybody know the shipping costs for complete bike?