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  1. I'll clean up and face the dropouts. I'm going to purchase some new axle bolts, and buy a bag of serrated washers to hold it all in place.... Updates to follow
  2. Update... Got two types of tugs from ebay. One type needed a little filing. Got just enough tension. That snapped spectacularly. The second fitted perfect, no filing. That snapped at the bolt. I've now got a third, it's a very flat ended type fitted onto the axle itself... Will see if that snaps... Pics to follow
  3. They're the monty ones. If they were half the length and had the square tab bit closer to the axle, they might work. But they aren't.... I'll take some pics once I've got the new ones in the post and had a play around. I've a feeling I might have to get the dremel out
  4. So, thanks to natmangee, I now have a 19 inch rear wheel, and a new echo sl freewheel, and have completed my renovation of the old Onza T Master. Only I now have this extremely annoying issue with the dropout, chain tension and brake alignment. It's an 18t Echo SL freewheel, with a 12t sprocket at the rear. Standard chain (although I've ordered a KMC 1/8 K710). Here is the issue: The chain is at one length, the ideal length, so correct tension can be applied with the tugs. However at this length, the 4 bolt magura mounts do not have nowhere near enough length and the pads will not reach the rim. Therefore no rear brake. I add a link to the chain. Then, the axle is so far toward the end of the dropout that the chain tugs are hanging off the dropout and no tension to the chain can be applied at all. But the brake can be linked up nicely. I've ordered a couple of different sets of chain rug on ebay to play around but I reckon I'm going to have to take some metal off the tug as it's right near the end of the dropout. This is bloody annoying me. Any suggestions???
  5. Hi!! Owing to my thread in the beginners chat I thought I'd go into a bit more detail about the issue I have with my HS33 rear. It was sold to me as only needing the crossover line replaced. It was, and bled. Was still spongy. The whole thing was taken apart. The lever and pistons scrubbed and warm soapy water passed through everything using the bleed kit. All thoroughly done. All new lines and a careful bleed with magura fluid. The brake was carefully installed and aligned properly. It's still a wee bit spongy but a fair bit is frame flex. However I've noticed that when I push the lever, the lever engages the piston (in the lever) and goes in around 5mm before there is any movement from the brake pads Ie. There is play in the lever piston..... And the pistons at the pads are slightly slow to return. This does not happen with the front brake. As soon as you engage the lever, the pads start to move. Anyone got any suggestions? This is doing my head in
  6. PM'ed you mate. I cant send anymore messages as its apparently reached a limit... Its 100% 4 bolt. I don't have any bolts or spacers to attach the booster but willing to add on the cost if you have spares. I've attached a pic of the bike.... A work in progress!! The bike was in a total state. The rear brake was in complete bits due to the wheel clearly being 20 inch and totally misaligned. The freewheel is practically falling apart....
  7. Nice mate. Where you based? I'll collect. I took the HS33 completely apart. Scrubbed it down, pumped hot soapy water through the lot, replaced all of the hoses and rebled. It's better but now I think alot of the sponge is actually frame flex. It's pretty bad.
  8. Hi! I used to be a member here almost 15 years ago and haven't ridden trials since. Used to ride with the regulars meeting every Sunday at Shell Centre (Southbank), and my last bike was a custom build stock Koxx XTP which I wish i didn't sell but hey ho. Recently picked up an old style Onza T-Master mod for peanuts complete with a set of HS33s but it's full of issues but happy to get to work on it. Just looking to mess about really. Anyone got any tips for the following: HS33 rear has been bled and a new crossover line put in as it was split. However its still spongy as hell... Even after careful bleeding three times. I think the rear wheel on it is 20inch, so I can't get the brakes to line up properly without the axle being pushed too far to the end of the dropout, hence the chain tugs are hanging off. Anyone got a 19" rear wheel and tyre for sale? Cheaper the better really. The freewheel has to be changed, I've seen a jitsie 72 on ebay for 40 quid. Are these any good? Once these bits are done I'm good. Any advice or bits for sale are appreciated!!