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  1. Hi mate is the jitsie still available? 

  2. Hey man would you accept £275 for the jitsie bike?

    All i got spare at moment


  3. I feel that this has got out of hand, I went for a ride yesterday evening and enjoyed my ride knowing I'm not doing anything wrong by siding hoping the (unnatural way) I actually achieved a decent sidehope hop last night, I also go up to back the same way, but I gap the (natural way) with my.front wheel pointing slightly right, and i spin anti-clockwise, ive decided to re visit my sidehops the other way once I'm comfortable and smooth on the bike again.
  4. I tuck to my right foot as I sidehop to my right foot, if I was to 180 spin, I spin into my left foot (anti-clockwise) so is this wrong? I'm confused as I thought you said that it will be easier for me if I was doing street trials riding?
  5. Real steel is one of my favorites! I like the trials Park vid you did with Danny too a very enjoyable watch, thanks for putting my mind at ease!
  6. I was literally just watching your vlogs! So what your saying is riding the way I am now will be of benefit of I want to ride Street which eventually I would love to get myself and inspired after I feel I have learnt well on my jitsie, I will work on sidehoping the right way but I still want to be able to enjoy my rides
  7. I could only wish to be good as he is! I was just wondering how much it actually matters, as this evening I was trying to do it the correct way as you say but just got distracted and didn't enjoy my evening practice
  8. Hi trials forum, back riding again after many many years away from the sport, I always used to hop into my.leading foot (I'm right footed) so I guess you would say I ride goofy I can side hop 5x as high and feels comfortable and natural hoping into my right foot, I was always told this was wrong does it really matter? Watching the old Neil tunni videos and he did the same, just wanted to hear your thoughts many thanks Ollie