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  1. Hi guys. I’ve been offered a Rockman Bjorn 20”. Seems to have a good spec but I know nothing about these. It’s an older bike but wondered if there’s anything I should be looking out for and how they compared to modern mods? I can’t find much info online about them. Any good?
  2. Up for sale now as I seem to have migrated back to 26”
  3. Coming back to trials after 18 years. Got some pallets. Got an old echo control. Very rough but can only regain my smoothness with more practice IMG_3753.MOV
  4. Cheers guys. That’s a real help. I’ve just removed the booster as I keep bashing my ankle on it so looking for a smaller slimmer version
  5. Thanks pal. I don’t actually know anything about them. Can only find limited info on the net but seems very light and strong given that I’m guessing it’s a very old bike
  6. Picked this up for a nice price. First 26” I’ve ever had. Been out all afternoon on it and actually prefer it to my 20” bikes. It’s quite an old model by the look of it and has some classic parts that look familiar to my younger days but loved every minute on it so far couldn’t get on woth the flat bars what so ever so threw a set of risers on and it’s transformed the bike
  7. Picked this little classic up today. Takes me back to being 16 again some 18 years ago. Been stood up for a lot of years but plan to bring it back to its former glory and enjoy reliving my youth once again
  8. Thanks for the replies guys. Things have certainly come a long way from the last time I rode a trials bike. I’ve just bought a cheap echo control 26 and a monty 221 pr to see what feels best for me
  9. The mod I have seems really low and long. Back then they seemed a lot shorter. It’s like starting all over again. I’m in Lowestoft in Suffolk. I’ve been looking at an old monty 221 as my mate had one back in the day so think that might be a little more familiar.
  10. Hey guys. I rode trials for a number of years up until I was 17 then got a driving license and never touched the bike again. Well I’m 35 now and wanting to get back into it. Went and picked up a cheap onza bird as I always rode mods in the past. I simply can’t get on with it. I’ve read the geometry is completely different to the older bikes and I’m wondering if that’s why I’m struggling. I was expecting to take time to get the feel again but it’s so alien it’s unlike anything I’ve ridden before. I wonder would I be better looking for an old skool retro mod or is there anything on the market with less extreme geo and that rides more like the older bikes? thanks in advance