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  1. The last bit of the puzzle for now arrived in the post today (new rear tyre) so it would probably be rude not to get it put together. I think it looks ok and just hoping that it lasts until I can find a suitable replacement frame spec so far as I can tell random GT mtb front wheel with generic nobbly tyre Zoo forks HS33 front brake with goodridge braided hose DOB frame Echo stem with zoo bars FSA pig headset trial tech cranks with front freewheel and Onza pedals halflink chain Echo rear hub laced to a “tryall”? rim and fixed gear Onza greina dh rear tyre HS33 rear brake with booster
  2. Just in case anyone is remotely interested here’s the frame painted and waiting for the parts to put it back together, the colour is Fordson empire blue the same as my vintage tractor simply because I had half a tin in the shed so it was free
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone I’m guessing it’s not likely to last very long with a 14.5 stone not particularly good or smooth rider but I suppose if lasts for a while then I swap the frame at least it gets me started. I did get round to painting it this afternoon but now waiting for a new headset and rear tyre before I can put it back together
  4. Cheers Ali not heard of dob before are they any good it ?does feel pretty light (ps I’m Graham that commented on your latest YouTube vid)
  5. Picked this up with the intention of getting back into trials at 36 years old. It was advertised as an echo but I’m not sure. it’s been sanded ready to re paint but the chap selling it said he lost interest and it had sat un used for 2-3 years. so any help to identify it would be appreciated
  6. Hi all just picked myself up an old 26 with an unknown frame (possibly Echo) but reasonable bits which I’m planning on getting working and getting back into some hopping about so would be great if there’s some others around Ashford that are up for getting together as it was always nicer to ride with a few people back when I used to ride (knocking on 20 years ago)