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  1. KO-KM1 Long, Brushed. Had it about a week or so and it's riding as good as any other frame I've ever had. You ether love or hate it or don't really care. I love it! Thanks to Dan at Trials-Uk, tiz messy mate! CLS.....
  2. I built a good relationship with Deng over the five years I was riding for him. I had a mixture of bikes in my time riding and none stood upto the abuse anything like ZOO! and ECHO did and ultimately his bikes gave me the confidence to achieve the lines I wanted to ride. I'm really sad to hear the news. RIP
  3. Wicked.
  4. Sweet
  5. Just a quick post for anyone that might be interested - been working on this for a few years now and it's going well. Just wanted to share it and find out what you guys think… Also, just want to say thanks to John Shrewsbury who has given me a lot of support from the start, helping to spread the word. Check the 'About' section to find out the ideas behind the brand. More things in the pipeline including beanies, poms and 5 panels... Cheers, Craig
  6. For those interested the first spring/summer 13 drop is now online. Some more stuff to come mid May. Also working on some collaboration projects. We can now also be found at Try to avoid using internet explorer at the moment as we seem to be having issues viewing some images, trying to get this sorted. Cheers.
  7. Sorry for the over charge - we've issued you a refund. It's the little things like this that we're working on so all feedback is appreciated and taken into account. We posted the parcel on 9th Feb - two days after we received your order. When did you get it? Give me a shout if you've got any ideas you'd like to work on with me. Stickers will be back online with the Spring/ Summer range. If you order again, we'll drop a few extra stickers in
  8. Yeh that was sweet. Nice to see a trials video again.
  9. Yes Spend. Enjoyed that.
  10. Nice one dude. Loved the endo onto the tree
  11. yeh, paypal will be fine mate

  12. I'm not in work on the Tuesday so if you want me to show you some natural stuff close by, i can. Other than that I usually ride after work.
  13. I'd say it was like anywhere really, got to keep your eyes on them at all times. Are you camping at Glyncorrwg? If you want to lock your bikes away then come see me in the shop before 5:00, if you miss me then ask the guys in reception.
  14. What days you coming up? I work most weekends. If im not working I'll come along for a ride.
  15. I work at Afan in South Wales - the Glyncorrwg mountain bike centre. If you're ever up for a ride, let me know. Arhhh, the Peaks. Definitely use UST. What rims you running? It might be worth just trying the stans rim tape in your current rims, just to see what you think of tubeless before you spend money on some expensive tubeless wheelset. Like I said, if the inner wall of the rim is pretty shallow, you can usually get away with it. Just make sure you completely cover the spoke holes and that the tape is stuck down well... and use the sealant. Hope that helps man.
  16. Being a mechanic at a trail centre I see and work on a hell of a lot of tubeless wheels and have laced quite a few rims up. I personally don't run tubeless, I very, very rarely get punctures and I ain't seriously fussed on the weight of my bike so I spend my money on other things. Although the Stan's No Tubes option works well using their own rims. I've seated non tubeless tyres on all three rim options with ease. Mainly Maxxis tyres using sealant. Also using the Stan's tubeless rim tape on non Stan's rims works as long as the inner wall of the rim is shallow, and again, using sealant. As for valves, Stan's again, work for me every time. I work with a few guys that run Flow rims on Maxxis non tubeless tyres front and rear. We do a lot of riding (trail centre stuff, natural stuff and even DH runs) and I can't remember them ever having a problem with this set up.
  17. Decided to start riding to work and back every other day. Petrol prices are insane and the journey is smashing the milage up on my car a treat. Rode in and back yesterday. I'm lucky enough to be able to link in some sections of the Skyline singletrack both ways. Here's a rough Google Earth Path of the route and the elevation profile. How accurate it is I'm not sure but it gives me a good idea. (not including singletrack sections) Distance: 21.9kilometres (13.7 miles one way) Max elevation: 597metres Average elevation: 354metres Basically, I have to ride over a Mountain. Also decided to enter the Afan round of the Gravity Enduro in September so this should get me fit for that. Anyone else entering any of the other rounds? or even the Afan one? or even done a similar kind of event?
  18. 150mm Rock Shox Sektor RL, Coil U-Turn, 110-150. Will take a lot of stick, easy to service. Either QR, 15mm or 20mm bolt through.
  19. Not really riding much trials nowadays.
  20. Nice Maher, always enjoy your edits.
  21. Looking good man, cant fault Pikes. They coil or air?
  22. Yeh, its VIP. Stem is real nice, soo light.