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  1. Smooth lines and style,very nice.What brand and model pedals do you got bike on?Thank you.
  2. Yes,to modern company the profit and only the profit is most desirable thing,never mind where is based or their product are hand crafted or whatever.What then makes people to want to buy twice as price hub compared to Chine's one and then,does not that makes them in same position Nine Industry to? If you are right,which, i am sure with,they supposed to change the name or take out of it is description words like - Trials,POE etc. Maybe SS/Trials stands for Supposed to Suitable for Trials......with that lately ratchet ring quality.
  3. Yes,it is true that I9 hydra is double to Hope Pro 4 SS and it is clear that they are not in same price point,but that leads to conclusions,that "Made in UK" does not mean much these days,no offenses to anyone.Reading opinions(not only here),said not so great things about quality and customer services of Hope,which to me, is great factor to put more money on their competitor,despite of the facts that is very expensive.I guess,it will last longer in terms of quality.Anyway,my point was,that Hope supposed to make something about,because this is legendary model and would be sad if differences to others hubs are only on papers and names.Have a good day to anyone.
  4. Might be that,as well,but would be best if they take care about that problem,otherwise what would be the point of that rush about stock quantity if some product have some quality issue?It is seems, that many top riders run I9 Hydra now,so Hope should listen to the customers if there is some problem with their hub.Just thoughts.Have a good time.
  5. Hi,everyone.I have very noisy rear Jitsie v brake pads,especially when i have to slow down.Initially they have been set parallel to the rim,but LBS mechanic toed them in,so the noise get lower.What is the correct way to be?Parallel or toed?Do they have to bed in like disk ones for example or not? Pads are new,i did ride a few times only.Got booster,too. The bike is new to me and i try to learn to do manual on it,so i have to drag brake,but it drave me crazy like this. I would appreciated any suggestions,even to change pads,if i have to. Cheers.
  6. Thanks.You are right about errors and mistakes,i have done it many times since i have posted this thread,so i do know how to do it now.It is sounds funny,but what helped me most,were two advises - well paralleled to rim pads are noisy and hold,second one was to watch pros how they do it.Thank you,everybody.
  7. Yes,would be nice,if you is ok with that.
  8. Super,any chance to make some in-depth video how to do front,back pivot and rocking,i mean how to move hips,counterbalance and etc.? Would be nice,i know maybe is beaten to death,but good tutorial will help to many like me. Thank you.
  9. Hi,there.Would you recommend some 10x135 rear hub/s which i could run six cogs cassette on(my frame is old one)?I currently have some cheap Formula on rear,but it is engagement is very bad and i have to ratcheted the cranks every time when i do wheelie and trackstand,very annoying.It is ok for beginner like me,but i need better one. Thank you in advance.
  10. What others issues?I was going to buy Hope Pro 4 SS,but came across this thread and fact that no one have stock,leads me thinking ,that maybe last batches are issued somehow.Who knows?
  11. I heard good stuffs about Hope,but i have read some threads here saying that there are issues on Hope Pro 4 SS and fact that most of the on online shops have no stock,leads me to idea that maybe last batches are not ok,so i would rather wait a few months. Would anyone compared stiffness,engagement differences,etc. of Hope pro 4 vs Hope pro 4 SS/Trails? What is better in my case 10x135 bolt in or 12x135 axle(i am going to use redicer axke 12 to 10 mm Reverce Components)? Thank you.
  12. What about Hope pro 4 or Pro 2 is better choice?
  13. Your manual clip was very helpful for me,especially the looping out section.This one is good one,also.Would you consider to do more?
  14. RIP.He personally sent me a copy of his book signed himself,a was so happy and still i am.His site and books are real treasures for beginners like me.Sad.
  15. Thank you,everyone.I do practice,but the funny thing is,that i used to do it on my hardtail and now applied to my fully rigid and full-sus one,is way difficult. I did watch a Youtube clip recently and guy there said,that back brake (even applied a bit) just makes bike out of it is balance point,so you should do ti trough hips movements and without using back brake...only if you looping out.
  16. Hi,there.It is beaten to death,but how do you people perform slow manual,with rear brake or without one,flat on? I know it is mandatory for downhill stuffs and so,but i am a beginner,so i learning it on flat now. Got first trials bike a while (old Giant Trial team ) and it is has 1040 wheelbase,which makes it first short one that i have,but it is way difficult to make manual compared to my other bikes.To me,i feel more natural to try do it slowly and without brake,just use it to prevent looping out.I even change my pedals with plastic ones with small "something like pins" to makes things easier to bail out.Otherwise i ride with 5/10 and Tioga or Nukeproof pedals,they have much grip and i fear for my damaged knee,so i did swapped them out. Have a nice day,dudes.
  17. Yes it is hard.On my previous bike Genesis DJ,the chainstay was 425 mm,but with time i was able to do 3-4 meters and actually now riding this Giant,it is seems even more difficult.Maybe because i am not used to rear v brake,maybe because i am old and rusty . Anyway,i still love challenge myself.Thank you all of you.
  18. Thank you,my brake arms are SD5(old”new” stock) and they have none play on them.I will try out your suggestions to change pads and set them parallel to the rim.The rims are smooth ones,if that is matter.Actually when grab the grab rear brake lever fast,the noise is very thin and high for the short time,but when i am dragging is like train coming.Lol. Otherwise the braking power is awesome,i am 90 kilos,i have never ride V brake on rear,but i like it.....except the sound. Would TNN backings with black compound be such as noisier as Jitsie ones smoth rom on? Thank you for your time.
  19. TrashZen's book is very helpful,at least to me.Very nice build,i wish you success and luck.
  20. That is the final build...for now,at least.
  21. Hi everyone.I bought Giant Martin Hawes Trials Team frame (the black one) recently and i would like to be building it right,so i would need your help and advises. Going to use it for street mainly and i hope so to learn do better some trials move on it,so: 1.Could have some rear cassette (maybe road one or maybe mtb one),because i like to do wheelie - my crank set will be Race Face with bash guard and 22th cogin front.Blast from the past - M.Ashton,M.Hawes and R.Leech. 2.What rear derailleur and shifter about? 3.Brakes- Rear one that is my main concern,i am from mtb ground,so i never used legendary HS33.I know it is iconic,but i have never did ride on with. So i think would put disk on front and what rear on?Is this frame strong enough on the back to utilized,let say Magura M5 or M7 for example,back on? What about the disks,how big they have to be,without putting too much stress on fork and frame?Fork is Saracen Mad,but i am planning to get Echo Urban. 4.Any thoughts about bar length and rise,stem length and angle? 5.Suggestions about headset. I am new to trials and my whole life i just wanted to have such frame,now i have it and want to build it in right way. Any thoughts,advises and help will be appreciated. Cheers and stay healthy.
  22. Same here(Bulgaria) plus bikes,too.Police do not care at all,so they drive like crazy.Night too,i just wander how this is possible in Scotland?Apparently there are people who want make themselves valuable this way everywhere.Sadly.
  23. Is it that your bike?Man,i have downloaded this picture a few days ago and wanted to do it like this,but front disk brake with.Did you have any stem spacers it on? I do not know why people try to "converting" it to Hex,but i want street bike to learn some stuffs and ride around the town,also, so that is why i put 7 speed cassette on back.What is like to run rear v-brake back on?I have always had rear disk brake,just wander if it is going to make a job well,i am a 90 kilos. Did order Jitsie brake pads,the white ones,i hope so they will work on smooth rims like mine.Any other brands and models recommendation? Thank you.
  24. Thank you,about the points.The chainstay is exact 400mm and bb is almost zero or maybe -5 or close to this.I am very new to trials,just try to make some appropriate beginners bike to start with.I know that most people here is sick with some rookie questions,so i appreciated everyones view and advice.
  25. I have new 100/10,but i wanted to try these ones out,just experience,i would say.Just watching some pictures of this bike and you are right,it is too high.Thank you for your time.