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  1. Wow. Thank you very much for the very detailed reply. I will give some of these a go. I think the pads could probably do with being replaced as they're looking pretty aged. Will give it a bit of time and see how it goes. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks mate. Haven't had chance to ride them cos of this crappy weather but happy with how they look
  3. I've changed the disc on my mono trial today and now it' feels terrible and it rubs like crazy. Changed to a Tr1al rotor, it looks like the pad now goes over the edge of the disc. Think I've made a massive error and the biggest problem is I sold the other rotor with a complete disc brake. Should I stick with it and see if it beds in or change to a Hope specific like the trial zone V2?
  4. New bars turned up today, annoyingly its bloody raining. No riding today by the looks of it
  5. I'm happy to say I'm in love with trials again. The bike has been awesome, changed a couple of parts on it but just to tidy the bike up a bit (inspired seat clamp, brake cable ends, nukeproof lock on grips). Been finding it quite tricky to keep the front wheel up so got some jitsie hybrid high risers coming tomorrow, looking forward to see how they ride although I fear it could just be my riding position. Just need some better weather now
  6. The stem is already over the top of the steerer, don't know why it was cut so short. I've ordered myself some Jitsie hybrids
  7. I'm currently using Trialtech sport riser bars but looking for a higher rise bar as they just feel too low. The bars I have been looking at are the Jitsie hybrid. As the bike is a 26 I don't know if these bars will be too high for it. I'm 5ft 10 if that helps. Any advice would he greatly appreciated
  8. Just because you obviously have no problem with this doesn't mean others don't or shouldn't feel this way. In the same way people suffer with depression. Just because you don't understand it, doesn't mean it doesn't happen
  9. Are there any trials riders in Cheshire? I live in middlewich but would love to meet up with other riders in the surrounding area
  10. How does everyone go about getting videos of themselves riding when your out on your own?
  11. It really didn't bother me when I was younger in fact I didn't tend to notice them there. Just shows how subconscious you get as you get older. Think it's just what people think when they see an adult on what they see as a kids bike
  12. Thanks everyone. Just been to my local skatepark with my 3 year old son, have to say I felt completely different. Could be because it's in an area where it's acceptable to jump on and off things. I didn't even seem to mind when people were watching on. As many of you have said maybe I just need to find the right places to ride