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  1. Hi. Currently running DMR moto rt front and rear on my 26in. Would ideally like a slightly more knobbled rear tyre for better grip on walls and obstacles but still plenty of roll for street riding. Any advice? Thanks
  2. So basically I'm 33, recently got back into trials only had the bike a couple of weeks. So far I've only been riding it in the back garden and managed to pick myself up a couple of pallets to play on. Tonight after the rest of the household had gone sleep I decided to take a trip into town with my bike. This is when the anxiety kicked in, the spot I had planned on riding had a few kids/teens hanging round that area and in the end I never even tried having a go on that spot. I know it shouldn't bother me really if I'm doing something I enjoy, but being back at a beginner level has really knocked my confidence and even stopping me from riding in front of people. So annoyed with myself right now. Anyone ever had similar problems, or any advice how to overcome this?
  3. When I first picked the bike up, to how it looks now
  4. Inspired element 26in wheel frame Echo forks Trialtech bars and stem Nukeproof lock on Grips Hope front disc, shimano XT v rear Sun ringle estate (grinded) rims on Hope pro evo 2 hubs DMR Moto tyres Middleburn cranks Outland flat pedals
  5. Few little upgrades in the few weeks I've owned the bike, just to tidy it up a bit and make it more personal to me. Jitsie hybrid high rise bars. Inspired seat clamp. Hope trial zone rotor. Jitsie sintered disc pads.
  6. Talk about a blast from the past. Stunning looking bike and bringing back so many memories of watching dirty tricks and cunning stunts. This bike along with the Volvo cannondale of Ashton really started my love for trials
  7. Seems to be alot of riders doing the same thing at the moment. I too have gotten back into trials after about 16 years. Use to ride a mod, loved it. Now I've got myself a 26in Inpired Element as I'm more used to mtb size bikes. Took a couple of rides to get use to it but it just feels natural now. Wonder why I ever waited so long to get another trials bike
  8. I asked a similar question but about skateparks as that seems to be all their is for indoor riding. Rampworx in liverpool looks decent
  9. Well I've now had a few rides out in to town. I've been going out late evening when it tends to be reasonably quiet. Have to say Its been great, I'm purely just able to concentrate on my riding and not really noticing when the odd person goes past. I'm quickly realising now though that the only thing holding me back is my own ability. But I'm enjoying riding my bike so I suppose thats the most important thing.
  10. Been looking at rampworx, looks pretty decent. The new area looks like it's got plenty of stuff to have a play on. Might just have to take a trip up there one day
  11. Anyone know of any trials friendly skateparks (indoor or out) in Cheshire / north west? This weather is really getting me down not riding
  12. I've changed the disc on my mono trial today and now it' feels terrible and it rubs like crazy. Changed to a Tr1al rotor, it looks like the pad now goes over the edge of the disc. Think I've made a massive error and the biggest problem is I sold the other rotor with a complete disc brake. Should I stick with it and see if it beds in or change to a Hope specific like the trial zone V2?
  13. Wow. Thank you very much for the very detailed reply. I will give some of these a go. I think the pads could probably do with being replaced as they're looking pretty aged. Will give it a bit of time and see how it goes. Thanks again.
  14. Thanks mate. Haven't had chance to ride them cos of this crappy weather but happy with how they look
  15. New bars turned up today, annoyingly its bloody raining. No riding today by the looks of it
  16. I'm currently using Trialtech sport riser bars but looking for a higher rise bar as they just feel too low. The bars I have been looking at are the Jitsie hybrid. As the bike is a 26 I don't know if these bars will be too high for it. I'm 5ft 10 if that helps. Any advice would he greatly appreciated
  17. I'm happy to say I'm in love with trials again. The bike has been awesome, changed a couple of parts on it but just to tidy the bike up a bit (inspired seat clamp, brake cable ends, nukeproof lock on grips). Been finding it quite tricky to keep the front wheel up so got some jitsie hybrid high risers coming tomorrow, looking forward to see how they ride although I fear it could just be my riding position. Just need some better weather now
  18. After a trials lay off of about 15 years (now 33) I've took the plunge and decided to give it another go. Ever since I sold my last bike I've been dying to get back into it but never had the opportunity, until now. Picked myself up a 26in Inspired element, with a very good spec. Only had first ride on it today and have to say I love it already. Can't wait to get out on it again
  19. The stem is already over the top of the steerer, don't know why it was cut so short. I've ordered myself some Jitsie hybrids
  20. Just because you obviously have no problem with this doesn't mean others don't or shouldn't feel this way. In the same way people suffer with depression. Just because you don't understand it, doesn't mean it doesn't happen
  21. How does everyone go about getting videos of themselves riding when your out on your own?