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  1. Ah ok, so there's actually a good few options about in theory! It's just the challenge of finding one for sale...
  2. Awesome, thanks guys! I will keep an eye out for any of those for sale. As you've rightly put though, probably pretty rare to find one!! If anyone knows of one...
  3. Hey all, I think I know the answer to this already... but I'd love to have a 26" trials bike, with the more modern geometry, so longer wheelbase and saddle-less, but still has a rear disc mount! I understand the reason for rim brakes, but in my opinion, I just prefer a disc and I like the way they feel and mostly because they don't make that horrible squeak sound, which I can't live with!! But it seems in order to have a disc, you need to ride a shorter street style bike. So, my question is - are there any longer, dedicated trials geometry frames, oldschool or newschool, that have a rear disc mount? Cheers
  4. Hey All, I have an Echo SL 26" fork with its standard IS disc mount. I am trying to fit a Hope Mono Mini and a universal 203mm rotor. Trouble is, when fitted, the pads only reach half the rotor compared to what they should do. It's like the caliper isn't close enough to the rotor! My initial questions are: 1. Is the Echo fork IS default size 203mm? If I was to put a 185mm rotor on, the caliper would obviously st even further away, so I'm guessing it must be meant for a 203... 2. Does a Hope Mono Mini have its own rotor size other than a 203? 3. Are there different height pads that can go in the Hope? As a deeper height pads would probably solve the problem in its current position. Wasnt sure if it has pads that are too slim in it. Anyone had this problem before? Any help would be appreciated. Its confusing the hell out of me as I thought this stuff should just fit and work!