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  1. I actually am not a huge fan of these at all. Anything you recommend? Edit: Off the back of Ali’s new build I’ve been a copy cute thief and gone for Ikon’s (and ordered an airshot to inflate). Beautiful build Ali, I’ve got a few similar flavours and silver touches in mine.
  2. Ok I give up. Anyone want some rimpact inserts and valves get in touch
  3. Ok so I am of course having issues straight away haha. I cannot get the tyre to inflate, I've never had a problem using this track pump before but it doesn't seem up to the task this time. The maxxis is rather loose fitting I'd say, I've tried to add 2 layers of gorilla but still can get the tyre on by hand (just about). I've araldite'd the join, drilled a 6.5mm valve hole and in this instance I've taped to the sidewalls (on MTB I have always left a slight gap). I'm not sure that a compressor is even going to do the job, but I guess that's the next and only option.
  4. Nice one. I'll report back my findings later today, I've always managed to get there with MTB set ups so I'm feeling hopeful.
  5. Ah that's what I was hoping for, treat it like any other spoke hole. Looking at the photo of yours it looks sealed properly. I assume once araldite applied to the join you just sand it back fairly flat? Apologies for all the questions, I'd like to get it right first try. I think the biggest issue will be my maxxis holy rollers.
  6. Ali just a quick one, today's the day of potential misery.. Did you also seal up the original valve hole and drill a new? As well as seal the join with araldite? I've got everything ready to go, first attempt at getting the rimpact and tyre on went very well on the front wheel so I'm feeling hopeful.
  7. Thanks Ali, I’ve dropped them a message and they’re sorting me out. Top shout!
  8. Just coming back to this Adam after a puncture today. Would you recommend either of the inserts you currently sell for a rim of this width… 48mm from memory? I’ve seen the rimpact is rated up to 30ish
  9. Oh blimey, I thought I’d get away with the join and was hoping to get away with the original valve hole. That’s a bit further than I think I’m willing to go haha. Cheers Adam
  10. Bit of a bump but wondering if anyone has set up the carthy V2 rims tubeless successfully before I get into a whole world of pain? My biggest concern is the size of the valve hole
  11. I'm now 2 rides in on the hydra, probably around 10 skips so far. Have contacted i9 to try and get some additional spings. I swapped the grease for oil between the 2 rides, however I must've put too much oil in as was super quiet. Have now stripped it pretty dry (still a small amount of oil) and hoping that may help put a stop to the skipping also.
  12. Turns out you’re not alone in being unable to make it on the 26th. I’ve changed it back to original date (27th).
  13. These were certainly worth the wait. The noise is like ASMR, I woke up early just to turn the cranks. First ride today, hopefully no skips but just going for a potter at the skatepark to bed them in. Edit - After a good 15 / 20 laps of the pump track I figured I'd be good to go at some trials stuff, big skip within first 5 minutes of light riding. Not sure whether to keep bedding in for longer or just double up the springs straight away.
  14. Nice one Flipp. That’s a shame, especially playhouse I loved that spot. And the flats were a hidden gem too. I’ve moved the date to the 26th, hoping you can still make it?
  15. Thanks Dan! Do you have a link to the springs?