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  1. Nice to see a build thread on the go! You can strip that anodising off in seconds with caustic soda and hot water. I'd at the least do that for the axle, but ideally the forks too before spraying them (blue battle scars coming through the paint might look a bit ugly).
  2. I’ve finally got my kloud exactly how I want (heavily inspired by Stan’s old kloud). Few more ti additions to get over time, hose splitter was a barrel of laughs to fit.
  3. I am now on day 4 (didn’t test positive until Sunday but symptoms really kicked in on Saturday). I’m thankful I’ve had a vaccine or I expect I’d be much worse but even with my first jab this is the worst bug I’ve ever had.
  4. I’m running saint m810s with a 180 on the rear and the power is insane. Using EBC red pads. I have to say though I’ve not had the set up long so can’t comment on durability but I can confirm that 180 is plenty.
  5. Massive post bump, anyone know if there’s currently any 26” carbon disc forks on the market? I’ve seen the echo ones but not too keen on the shape
  6. Hi TF. I'm wondering what bars people are liking these days on comp style 26" bikes? I always liked TT high rise before I stopped riding some years ago and wondering if there's a similar carbon equivalent, it was the sweep and fairly modest rise that I liked. It seems most bars currently have a lot of rise but that won't really suit my lower BB frame. For reference I'm riding a Koxx Kloud 26, with a 130x25 stem. Thanks
  7. Please close
  8. Thanks Ross Also stripped the hubs, stem, cranks + headset. Got a bit carried away!
  9. My Hightower LT. The tyres are temporary for some xc lockdown riding.
  10. Jumping back into this topic, but if anyone with a set of XTR / MT7s fancies a swap for some Hope Tech 3 V4s in silver (with braided lines) I could be tempted.
  11. I'm currently running Hope Tech 3 V4s and have to say they aren't great for the money. They fade really bad and are pretty inconsistent. Previous brakes were the slightly lower model Hope Tech 3 E4s which have a slightly different piston set up, I can tell little difference between them. If I were to buy a set of brakes now I'd likely go XTR, however I've heard nothing but good things about the XT + SLX 4 pots. aside from some serious shimano noise in damp conditions - Can be avoided with a change to aftermarket pads.