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  1. Thanks Ross Also stripped the hubs, stem, cranks + headset. Got a bit carried away!
  2. My Hightower LT. The tyres are temporary for some xc lockdown riding.
  3. Jumping back into this topic, but if anyone with a set of XTR / MT7s fancies a swap for some Hope Tech 3 V4s in silver (with braided lines) I could be tempted.
  4. I'm currently running Hope Tech 3 V4s and have to say they aren't great for the money. They fade really bad and are pretty inconsistent. Previous brakes were the slightly lower model Hope Tech 3 E4s which have a slightly different piston set up, I can tell little difference between them. If I were to buy a set of brakes now I'd likely go XTR, however I've heard nothing but good things about the XT + SLX 4 pots. aside from some serious shimano noise in damp conditions - Can be avoided with a change to aftermarket pads.