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  1. Yeah I also love Shimano, I’ve had lots of shimano parts over the years on trail / down hill / XC bikes and I think it’s an excellent company. I remember as a kid growing up I used to drool over XTR parts when I saw them on other people’s bikes hahah My dream brakes for this street bike would be Hope or Magura callipers with XTR levers ahhhh so you have the K Rads in 2.3? Or 2.5? I’ve fitted my front Holy Roller now and it looks super cool and bmx styleee just waiting for my rear hub to arrive so I can build up the rear wheel... then all I need is break cables and bb7 Caliper set and the bike is complete !!! Excited!! I rode Trials on a Pashley 26, 20 years ago now so I’m not exactly sure how this will go after such a long break, especially now at 37 yrs old hahah I also had Magura hs33 back then and they felt super strong steady and reliable, if this Arcade had rim break mounts I’d have deffo fitted hs33s. When my Holy Rollers are worm out I may try some 2.1 for street / park like Tioga Powerblocks see how they feel, less trialsy I guess but could feel great learning bmx style moves. Danny Macs are also a definite on my to-try list, and if they a lot last longer than the Holy Rollers like people say, they may be the overall winner, I see so many awesome riders running them.
  2. Hey everyone, I’ve almost finished building up a second hand Inspired Arcade and I’ve decided to go with Avid BB7s for the brakes (I was dreaming of XTR levers with Hope 2 pots... but as a newbie maybe cheap replacement levers will come in handy) I’m building the bike myself and it’s all new to me so I’ve been checking out tutorial videos... and saw one from (the awesome) Ali Clarkson showing how to install cable disc brakes... I noticed he was fitting a silver avid BB Caliper to his trials bike, the silver ones are Road and the dark colour are MTB right??? I’m confused, I see the Caliper is a slightly different shape for the MTB compared to the ROAD version, does anybody know if they have the same power/feel? Can I choose either for learning street trials? The shallow reason I want to know so bad is that the silver (Road) BB7s would suit the colour scheme of my build more haha (before I saw Ali’s video I had been planning on buying the MTB BB7s and sanding/ paint stripping them down but I’m totally sick of sanding stuff now If you got this far, thanks for reading, I do drone on, I know... cheers.
  3. Hey guys I’ve bought the Inspired Arcade crankset to go on my Arcade frame.... I’m stuck with what to do with the 4 washers that come with the pack? Two small two slightly bigger (depth not diameter) and there’s also a tube thing that comes with the bottom bracket... two questions, firstly do I need to use any of the washers? I’ve tried looking online and can’t see anything specific to Arcade frame / Arcade cranks... and secondly do I pop the small tube thing inside the BB? Or do the cranks just guide and sit on the BB screw in cup things? I’m new to building bikes obviously hahah Cheers
  4. Nice one Mark W, thanks for your help. It all makes sense now
  5. Nice one Tom, this confirms my choice, breaking levers whilst learning street trials as a beginner could be an expensive hobby! Hahah. Thanks for letting me know the BB5s work well, what model and size rotors are you using? Also what tires have you got and what are you wanting to upgrade to? I’ve gone for the Holy Rollers 2.4 front and back, was going to see how long / well they work then upgrade to Danny Mac Conti’s to see what all the fuss is about haha
  6. Thanks again Ali, finding your YouTube videos of you riding the Arcade is the reason I’ve bought one !!!
  7. Thanks a lot for your help Mark I really appreciate it so if I can just clarify with you (haha...) I have a tube spacer thing, two 1mm washers, two 3mm washer, a another small split washer that looks like a reducer, and two cover things for the screw on BB parts, I’ll add I pic below... so Ive now put the inner tube spacer thing in between the screw on bb pieces, so it’s now trapped inside the bb shell (see pics) and the crank spindle fits through nice and smoothly... so now for the 1mm and 3mm washers... these are just to position or align the cranks evenly / lined up with the chain line? Is this correct? When I put the cranks in with no washers the arm rotates fine but the chain ring looks like it’s super close the frame, so I use the washers to bump it out more I guess?
  8. Top Job !
  9. Hey everyone, what are your opinions on crank arm length? I always read that it’s down to personal preference... this is the general answer to most things I guess... But surely if you’re 6”3 or 5”6 it has an influence on crank arm length feel...? So my question is (if you’re new to Trials so don’t yet have a preference...) what would be your thoughts / opinions for a 5”8 newbie to modern street trials bikes. Learning street, park, bmx moves and general street trials moves. PS; If the bike geo / wheel size plays a role in your advice... then I’m building up a 24inch Inspired Arcade v2. Thanks in advance for any advice
  10. Nice one Ali
  11. Hey Justinlock, My Inspired Crankset has just arrived... do you know if I can use caustic soda to strip the cranks? Will it affect the threads??? Or am I better to use a paint stripper? Sand papers etc...????
  12. I was looking at the MT Trails, hmmmmm but I’ve already bought the Avid Speed Dial levers now.... although they was only 15 quid a pair! Breaking / replacing levers whilst being a beginner / learner was the deciding factor on BB7s over cheap Hydraulics. I did see a full set of MT Trails for 130 quid or something though, so now I’m in limbo land haha Cheers Swoofty
  13. Beautiful !!!
  14. Post some video clips of this beaut in action !
  15. I’m building up a 24inch Arcade frame and im a bit undecided on which tyres to go for... The Danny mac 50 a pop seem to be very popular, and I believe they would work well... and I’ve heard they last longer than Holly Rollers so technically could work out not more expensive in the long run... The Holly Rollers are much cheaper and also seem popular, and I believe would work well... and are lighter and cheaper than Danny macs but may not last as long... The Scwalbe Table Tops are also relatively inexpensive, are even lighter than Holly Rollers and have been given a thumbs up from Ali C on YouTube... Also I see Kendas are popular... the trend being all are around the 2.3 / 2.4 width so 2.0 is deffo gonna be slim for street trials... maybe more suited to dirt jumps... going for them just because they cost less isn’t a justified reason because of Holly Rollers and Table Tops etc... but if you want them because you like the look of them then go for it.... what’s the worst that could happen! Haha
  16. https://www.tartybikes.co.uk/splined_bbs/inspired_arcade_bottom_bracket/c2p13341.html?pos=37&search_params=YTo3OntzOjEyOiJjYXRlZ29yeV9pZHMiO047czoxNjoiY2F0ZWdvcnlfcmVjdXJzZSI7YjoxO3M6ODoia2V5d29yZHMiO3M6NjoiQXJjYWRlIjtzOjk6ImJyYW5kX2lkcyI7TjtzOjQ6Im1vZGUiO3M6MzoiYWxsIjtzOjQ6InNvcnQiO3M6OToicHJpY2VfYXNjIjtzOjEwOiJjb3VudHJ5X2lkIjtzOjE6IjEiO30%3D
  17. https://www.familydistribution.com.au/colony-22s-cranks I want the chrome version...
  18. https://www.tartybikes.co.uk/bash_rings/inspired_arcade_v2_integrated_bashring/c1p12296.html?pos=2481&search_params=YTo3OntzOjEyOiJjYXRlZ29yeV9pZHMiO047czoxNjoiY2F0ZWdvcnlfcmVjdXJzZSI7YjoxO3M6ODoia2V5d29yZHMiO3M6NjoiQXJjYWRlIjtzOjk6ImJyYW5kX2lkcyI7TjtzOjQ6Im1vZGUiO3M6MzoiYWxsIjtzOjQ6InNvcnQiO3M6OToicHJpY2VfYXNjIjtzOjEwOiJjb3VudHJ5X2lkIjtzOjE6IjEiO30%3D
  19. Thanks guys this has really helped! I’m going to go for 165mm then I’m also a big fan Ali C you’re awesome! So now for the techie part... The Inspired Arcade V2 Bashring says it will fit most bmx cranks with a micro drive hole... I’ve found some 165mm Colony 22s cranks (I’ll add the links below) that have a micro drive hole and a 22mm spindle... I see that the Inspired Arcade BB V2 can take a 22mm spindle... So, will it all fit together on my V2 Arcade frame? Is it this simple? Or am I missing something when crossing over from bmx parts to MTB? I’m confused about spindle length, are bmx spindles different lengths to MTB ones?? It also adds to my confusion that I’ve seen loads of custom built Inspired Arcades on the internet and nobody is running bmx cranks on there... (apart from the black Inspired specially made versions that only come in 175mm...
  20. Good news! I’m wanting NS District Bars but then I’ve been bummed that I don’t have a wide choice of stems... I bought a bmx stem, looks cool and feels unbreakable but it’s weighty.... the hope AM stems look beaut, what bars are you running there? Also your bike looks cool dude, any chance of some pics and spec ????
  21. Hey can anyone help...? I’m building a street trials bike. I have an Inspired Arcade frame and fork and want to know can I fit a 22 tooth front sprocket to bmx cranks? I’m looking at Odyssey Thunderbolts and they say 25 Tooth upwards...? This is also what all other bmx cranks I see say 25T up...? Inspired do a 22 tooth front sprocket with built in bash guard, they also do there own version of a bmx style crank but it only comes in 175mm crank arm length... I want 165 length so I’m feeling stuck. The gear ratio the Inspired Arcade recommends is 22-15 or 22-16... if I can only fit a 25t to Odyssey Thunderbolts then what rear tooth would give me a similar experience? I’m stuck scratching my head here... hope this makes sense.
  22. Also good to know... I do favour the bash it option though haha Just for reference when you say C shape do you mean just slit it with a cutting disc or do you mean cut a section out? I see you’re from Tarty bikes! Cool shop dude, do you guys ship to Holland? I’m after the intergrated Arcade bash ring and the fork axle from your site and maybe some other parts actually, possibly wheels if I can’t find any good 2nds, if so how much do you charge to post wheels to Holland? ... anyway it says the arcade bash ring will fit bmx cranks that have a micro drive hole... but do you know if bmx cranks will then fit on to an inspired arcade frame? I’ve been told yes but I’d need a longer spindle... if this is correct do you sell said spindles? Cheers
  23. Wow, that was quick! Excellent news, so now all I need is a pipe ! Haha. Thanks for the help judge
  24. If I leave the black ring off the other bottom part fits on beautifully, and the top parts all fit well, but the whole thing feels like it wobbles. Not much wobble but definitely more than I can remember on my old bikes (that bike shops built for me) ...hope you understand all this haha
  25. Here’s the first ring.. looks like a base to help seal the bearing ring but it stops before it reaches the base and I’ve tried forcing it with no luck... and don’t want to start bashing it in case I’m wrong haha