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  1. I'm in love with this build! The attention to detail is fantastic!
  2. Personally I just use Strava/Google fit for my needs. I have a QuadLock mount on my bars and a case with the adaptor stuck to it for my Pixel. All works flawlessly and has done for years now.
  3. Just gotta find a saw and blade that can actually cut through the cromo tube that also doesn't cost a silly amount
  4. I've used the Schwalbe TableTopsand will definitely vouch for them. Good rolling speed and grippier than most. Definitely a 4-4.5 star from me.
  5. I have the Inspired Arcade forks with the threaded topcap and need to cut them down but don't wanna fluff it up at all. Has anyone else done this already? How was it after and did the topcap still thread ok?
  6. In all honesty if you're gonna spend approx £130-£140 on cranks, approx £30 on the BB & £70 on the chainring then I'd just opt for the full inspired set that has it all for £230. Wouldn't be too hard to strip the cranks and polish them up
  7. I couldn't agree more. Even with a manual it's easier to get the weight back with your feet closer.
  8. Yeah but these are the District bars, they look great That being said, I am very happy with my Jitsie Hybrid Riser Bars from the Tarts.
  9. @Wantedinspiredarcade FYI: I received the KHE Prism cranks from WallerBMX today. They weren't as advertised. They don't have the microdrive as pictured. I'm gonna put in an order with SkatePro next week for another set of Stolen Talon V2's instead as they definitely do have they micro drive. A little more expensive at £90 but at least I know it's a safe bet
  10. I definitely agree with the 25t vibe. You do know that you have to post some pics now I wanted to have my Marino raw but they weren't happy about doing it as it wouldn't be protected enough so I'm going for a high gloss ultra white finish instead.
  11. Regarding the KHE Prism cranks, or BMX cranks in general, I have a 68mm BB shell and only had a single issue which was the internal axle spacer being too long. All I did was cut it down by 5mm and it fit like a dream. That's only because I don't have any spacers for the BB. As for the arm length, they are 175mm and should be perfectly fine. Even the aforementioned Arcade cranks are only available in 175mm and many riders rock them. For gear ratios, I'm currently in the process of putting a 16t rear sprocket on, 22t front and a double chain tensioner with enough slack so that I can change out to a 25t or maybe even a 28t front chainring. Should be an interesting experiment. This means I can commute with one set, and swap out for playtime quite easily (in theory).
  12. The Octane One Spark definitely is a 26". Works ok with 24" but feels better on 26".
  13. Waller BMX have a set of microdrive KHE Prism cranks for £65. I ordered some a couple of days ago. Also, there's the DMR Spin BMX chainring from tredz which comes in 20t, 22t or 25t. Only £25. Normal BMX cranks won't fit a smaller chainring so they've gotta have the option for the microdrive/nanodrive.
  14. Awesomeness
  15. So on a related note, does anyone know if I can still swap the piston caps on the MT5 e-stop's? Want something that stands out a little more.